Can we consume meat with a conscience?

We are frequently asked why we continue to farm livestock here at Daylesford. We have created this short film to encourage discussion around the topic of meat consumption and to hopefully answer the question of whether we can, in today’s climate, consume meat with a conscience.

We believe that a mixed farming model works best and that it is possible to farm livestock sustainably, but in order to protect our planet for future generations, steps must be taken to reduce the amount of meat we are currently consuming as a society. Vegetables, fruits, pulses and seeds should be the main feature of our diet while seasonal, high welfare and high quality meat should be used sparingly.

We believe that if you do choose to eat meat, you can do so sustainably by choosing sustainable sources and by considering the consequences of the food that we put on our plates.

Daylesford smoked salmon

Find out more about the exceptional smoked salmon from our Smokehouse on the farm and the passionate artisans who make it.

Each batch is handmade with care, using sustainably caught fish from British waters and a secret smoking recipe which includes juniper, beech and oak to enhance the naturally sweet flavour of the flesh.

While the curing and smoking process relies on age-old traditions, the smoked salmon is finished in a modern thick sashimi-cut style, to accentuate the variation in texture and flavour and celebrate the complex characteristics of each slice.


The story behind daylesford organic
Our four-minute film tells the story of Carole Bamford and Daylesford – how we started, how we have grown and how we are continuing to learn and develop each day.

The Market Garden

Our new short film tells the story of our 20 acre organic market garden, where we grow over 300 varieties of fruit, vegetables, salad leaves and herbs, including many unusual and heritage varieties.

As our Head Gardener Jez says, one of the best things about the market garden is that it is at the heart of our Cotswolds farm, so people can see what we do and more importantly, understand what seasonal produce is.

Organic farming protects natural resources like fresh water, wildlife and healthy soils. All the organic produce from our market garden goes into our farmshops, cafes and kitchens; we design our menus are around the best organic produces in season at the time.

THE Creamery

If you understand the story of the Daylesford Pedigree British Friesian dairy cow, you will understand the philosophy that drives Daylesford. Our herd of dairy cows reward us with rich, creamy, organic milk which we put to good use in our Creamery, just 30 metres from the dairy.

Our Meat

At Daylesford we are proud of the extra steps we take during the journey from pasture to plate – we don’t take short cuts. We raise British breeds that thrive in their native landscape, roaming freely on our organic pastures and enjoying a forage-based diet. We even built our own abattoir to ensure the best welfare, reducing food miles and stress, for better tasting meat. The passion and respect we have for our animals is paramount in developing our award-winning organic meat.


Every year in the spring we drill a milling quality wheat. This wheat is harvested in August, milled, and used to create our fresh bread every day in the bakery. Each loaf is shaped by hand, the true artisan way. We use natural leaven and use traditional slow-fermentation methods making our loaves more digestible. Free from chemicals and additives, our seasonal breads are as full of goodness as they are flavour. Delivered fresh to our farmshops & cafés everyday.


The Daylesford Cookery School is the beating heart of all that we do at the farm – a place where we truly celebrate all that our organic soil provides. Each of our skilled tutors are passionate about sharing their love for food and every day inspire our guests to change the way they cook forever.

The Pollinators

Our bees have been having a busy summer making honey from the biodiverse gardens, pastures and hedgerows of our organic farm in the Cotswolds.


‘Our vision has always been to produce the very best from what the land can give.’ With an affectionate and caring approach to farming, our sister estate Château Léoube has been able to nurture and produce multi-award winning wines, perhaps most famously its beautifully blushed rosé.

THE Daylesford Summer Festival

On Saturday 20th May we threw open the gates to our Cotswolds farm for our annual Summer Festival. And whilst the weather was a little wet, our spirits were not dampened, as we all came together to celebrate farm life, our vital pollinators and the ever-brilliant Great British Summer.

THE Daylesford Harvest Festival

There are activities for all ages to enjoy, and plenty of delicious tastings on offer to celebrate on our organic farm in the Cotswolds for our annual Harvest celebration.