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We farm responsibly, mindfully, with intelligence and with a conscience. We hold ourselves accountable for our ethical and environmental standards and welcome the opportunity to show you what we do.

Raising our animals and handling our ingredients with the greatest care and consideration, in a way that respects our environment, are the core values on which our farm is founded.


Each day our Creamery produces organic full fat, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, cream and a range of award-winning cheese. Our milk is non-homogenised as we prefer to leave it in its natural form, which gives it a delicious creamy taste.

Not only does our organic milk taste great, but studies show that organic whole and semi-skimmed milk has more beneficial omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E and beta-carotene than non-organic milk, whilst studies by Glasgow and Liverpool Universities found that UK organic milk has 68% higher levels of the essential fatty acid than non-organic milk.

We’re particularly proud of the packaging we use for our milk. The innovative Ecolean pouch that our creamery uses is made from Calymer, which contains 40% chalk, a natural material that requires no chemical processes to extract it and uses minimal energy to produce. This adds up to a significant reduction in our milk packaging’s carbon footprint compared to a standard HDPE plastic bottle:

  • Energy consumption: it takes a quarter of the energy to manufacture
  • Production waste: it generates 72% less production waste
  • Water pollution: it generates 93% less water pollution
  • Greenhouse gas emission: it emits a quarter of the greenhouse gases during manufacturing



Our handmade Cheddar is made by a traditional processes. It is wrapped in cotton cloth and turned regularly to distribute the flavour evenly. Our Cheddar matures for at least 9 months as it traditionally should to give it a full, rich farmhouse flavour. At Christmas we offer our extra reserve Cheddar, matured for at least 18 months for a really mature taste.

Daylesford Cheddar has won awards at the Soil Association, Great Taste, British Cheese and World Cheese awards.


Our Single and Double Gloucester cheeses contain milk from our herd of heritage Gloucester cattle. They are aged for 8 weeks. Single Gloucester has a Protected Designated Origin (P.D.O.) and can only be made in Gloucestershire using the milk from a dairy herd containing Gloucester cattle.

Single Gloucester and Double Gloucester cheeses have won awards at the Three Counties Show, Great Taste, British Cheese and World Cheese awards.


Baywell is our full bodied soft cow’s milk cheese which is named after the herb rich pastures of the Daylesford farm. It matures for 9 weeks and the rind is washed to give a unique flavour.

Baywell won gold at the British Cheese Awards 2012, and went on to win ‘Best Organic Cheese’ at the show.


Named after a village near Daylesford, Adlestrop is a medium strength, semi-soft cheese which is matured for 10 weeks and rind washed with a culture to give a unique taste.

Adlestrop won a gold at the British Cheese Awards 2010, and went on to win ‘Best Organic Cheese’ at the show.

Bledington Blue

Bledington Blue and a rich, piquant flavour and a soft, creamy texture. We love it with pears, spread on our toasted sourdough bread.

Bledington Blue has won 1st prize at The Three Counties Show, a bronze at the Frome Global Cheese Awards and has been short-listed for the BOOM Awards 2016.

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Our Bakery on our farm freshly bakes award-winning organic bread, cakes and pastries each day. They are all produced with slow fermentation methods in order to develop the flavours and are shaped by hand in the true artisan way without the use of additives or chemicals. Our bread is in our farmshops a few hours after leaving our Bakery.


Naturally leavened bread without added yeast which contains a mix of seeds; malted wheat, sesame, linseed, pumpkin, millet, poppy and sunflower. Seven Seed Sourdough won a 1 Star Gold at the Great Taste Awards 2010 and a Highly Commended at the Soil Association Food Awards 2008.


Densely packed with succulent apricots, raisins & walnuts. This award-winning loaf is one of our most-loved. Delicious with mild cheeses like our Single Gloucester, or simply toasted & buttered. It also makes a superb bread & butter pudding.


Rich & fruity rye loaf full of wholesome seeds, juicy raisins & dark, sticky molasses. We love this with our peppered Oddington goat cheese, Scottish smoked salmon, or simply toasted & buttered.


100% rye bread made with light rye flour leavened with a stiff dark rye natural leaven and a bit of yeast. It contains some Daylesford organic yoghurt produced in our creamery.


This bread is quite unique to the British Isles, you won’t find it in many other places. It is made with white spelt flour naturally leavened, without added yeast.


We grow over 300 varieties of seasonal organic fruit, vegetables, salad leaves and herbs on our 28 acre Market Garden at Daylesford, including many unusual and heritage varieties.

You can find much of this fresh produce in our farmshops, in the dishes served in our café, on our food-to-go counters and in our award-winning ready-to-cook meals and soups, jams and chutneys. 

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At Daylesford our animals roam freely on our farm’s organic pastures, and are mostly fed on organic crops we grow ourselves. We rotate our fields between crops and our animals, which allows the soil to build up nutrients naturally. All this means we are farming sustainably, and soon we hope, completely self-sufficiently.

All our animals are raised to Soil Association Organic Standards – all of which we exceed.


We have five breeds of sheep roaming the organic pastures at Daylesford including shaggy rare breed Cotswolds and Kerry Hills with their distinctive face markings. The various cycles of these breeds ensures that our butchers have organic lamb all year round.

Our lamb achieved a 2 Star Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2012


Our beef predominantly comes from our pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, a breed that is famed for its superior quality beef. Ours tastes great as it grazes on our organic pastures and is hung in our abattoir to mature for 21 days; many supermarkets only require their beef to be hung for 7-10 days.

Our beef achieved a 2 Star Gold Award in the Great Taste Awards 2011 and won numerous titles at county shows.


We have a passion for preserving heritage breeds and rescued a herd of Gloucester cattle which was virtually extinct. This is a dual purpose animal which produces both a full flavoured beef and a milk which we use to make our award-winning Gloucester cheeses. Their meat is full of flavour and the cheaper cuts are perfect for slow-cooked beef casseroles, curries and chilli.


Our outstanding herd of farmed venison is very rare indeed, it is one of a handful of herds to be certified organic by the Soil Association and is the largest herd in the country. They live a virtually wild existence, with minimal human contact. Our venison is at its best from September to February, and has won awards for its quality and taste.


Our chickens live significantly longer lives than even free-range chickens. As they forage, they make the most of our organic pastures, being an animal that naturally enjoys exploring. This all means their meat has time to develop its unique flavour.

Our Daylesford Blue Legbar hens are a rare Gloucestershire breed that produces our award-winning blue eggs with yolks of a rich yellow colour and high in omega 3.

Our Legbar eggs achieved a 2 Star Gold at the Great Taste Awards 2011.


We raise our traditional bronze turkeys and white geese on our own farm. Our turkeys have a natural ability to roam around outdoors; ours are free to forage as they wish. We finish them on our own organic oats to give them their distinctive, exceptional flavour with a moist texture.


As we don’t raise our own pigs at Daylesford, we work with two organic pig farmers we know and trust just 20 miles from our Gloucestershire farm. They keep happy pigs who spend their entire lives out in open pastures with straw beds.

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A dedicated artisan team in the Kitchens of Daylesford on the farm make our award-winning ‘real meals’ – freshly prepared soups, stews and more.

All made by hand as you would at home using only the freshest organic ingredients in season, our light, healthful broths and hearty, satisfying soups are delicious and packed with goodness – ideal when you are short on time or energy. They’re perfect for busy people who still want a nourishing meal at home without having to worry about shopping, cooking or washing up. We have done the work for you so all you need to do is reheat and enjoy.


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