One of the first things you notice when meeting Wendy Rowe is her flawless complexion. As a world-renowned makeup artist, it would be easy to assume that her enviable glow is due to her wealth of knowledge on the latest cosmetic products, gadgets and treatments. But in truth Wendy is all about a far more natural approach, advocating nourishment and nutrition as the primary building blocks for healthful skin and natural, sustainable products to enhance thereafter.

Author of the brilliantly insightful cookbook ‘Eat Beautiful’ we caught up with Wendy to find out more about her ethos and building a more sustainable future in the world of health and beauty.

I am a makeup artist because…

When I was younger, one of my friends was a session hair stylist and suggested I did makeup so that we could go on fun trips together! It sounded great, so I did a makeup course and many years on, I’ve never looked back. It’s an inspiring, creative job and I get to meet some amazing people and travel to incredible locations.

I prioritise food and nutrition as part of my work because…

I love delicious, fresh food of course, but also because its an important part of looking and feeling your best; something that’s really important to me personally, especially when I’m travelling a lot for my work as a makeup artist when my schedule is hectic and I need to stay healthy and fresh, but also because amazing skin is my passion and something I’m known for – good nutrition is an essential part of having great skin.

My food philosophy in one sentence:

Fresh, seasonal, organic produce – plenty of vegetables, prepared from scratch.

5 ingredients always in my fridge or store cupboard:

I always have fresh, seasonal vegetables, fresh ginger, fresh lemons, oily fish and almond milk in my fridge.

My mornings always start with:

A glass of hot water with lemon and a green juice made with green vegetables and no fruit. 

Recipe I’m making:

Anything seasonal, cooked from a recipe in my book, Eat Beautiful. At the moment I love my fig salad recipe, it’s so easy to make and tastes amazing! 

I hydrate my skin by:

Making sure to eat my water as well as drink it. I go for seasonal ingredients such as courgette, cucumber and watermelon: foods that are naturally rich in water, to help keep myself well hydrated from the inside out.

Natural beauty product I can’t live without:

Coconut oil. If you get a really good quality one, you can use it for beauty as well as cooking. Check out my coconut oil cleanser in the beauty remedy section of my book.

TP Wendy Rowe Eat BeautifulSOMEthing POsitive about sustainable changes in the beauty industry today:

Sustainability is always positive. I’m so pleased that the industry is taking a step in the right direction. We live in a throwaway society today, but it’s always the sustainable objects which are designed to last forever that stand the test of time and are most precious and chic.

I am passionate about campaigning for:

A move away from plastics. There is so much unnecessary plastic waste and the impact on the environment is devastating. I’m passionate about finding alternatives to plastic and my lipstick range for La Bouche Rouge is one that is plastic free, and refillable for life. The lipsticks and packaging contain no plastic and have paper-packaged refills. You invest in a super chic leather case, an object that will last forever and refill it with whichever shades you choose as and when you run out.

Wendy’s Fig SALAD:

With jammy fresh figs now available in our Daylesford farmshops, there is no better time to try this delicious yet simple salad.