From the way we farm to the energy upon which our buildings are run, sustainability is at the core of Daylesford and makes up an essential part of our organic farming practices.

The last decade has seen us make huge strides in our approach to sustainability. Realising that we needed to do better across all areas of our farm’s production right through to our farmshops, our sustainability expert Tim Field and his team have been carrying Daylesford forward towards our goal of being a fully sustainable company.

With every step forward, we realise we can do many more and so each year have been planning exactly what steps to take and how best to achieve these. Read on to explore a decade of sustainability at Daylesford and the achievements we’ve been lucky to reach.

Our first Summer Festival takes place which celebrates our organic farm, the produce we grow and rear on the farm and all things sustainable living. Additionally, our heritage apple orchard is planted and populated with heirloom varieties from the Gloucestershire region, encouraging a reintroduction of a traditional UK orchard and allowing local native biodiversity to flourish

As part of our commitment to a year on year reduction in fossil fuel usage, we introduced a voltage optimiser and captured heat above log fire ovens, working hard to use alternative, sustainable forms of energy to power our farm

We installed 1,000 solar panels on our dairy barn as part of our drive towards sustainable energy

We hosted the North Cotswold Honey Show for the first time, now a permanent fixture in the Harvest Festival lineup and always a reminder of our commitment to helping our vital pollinators

Another 750 solar panels are installed on our grain, straw and beef sheds. We also won an award as Sustainable Cookery School of the Year by Looking To Cook, in association with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA)

We installed a parklet outside our Pimlico farmshop featuring multiple raised beds with fabulous wildflowers, vegetables and fruit – a local urban garden. 2015 also saw the big launch of the Daylesford Foundation’s Agricology, supporting projects in the UK that educate children and young people in the core areas of organic food, growing and the countryside. We also won The Sustainable Restaurant Association’s UK Sustainable Restaurant of the Year Award

Our very first biomass boiler is installed, a long-standing partnership with The Felix Project is established and we host the Regional Hedgelaying Championships, just eight years after we planted a hedge on our farm, allowing insects, bug and bee varieties to flourish

We introduced a discount for customers bringing in their own containers as part of our focus on zero food waste. To further ensure no food went to waste, we introduced a route for all food scraps including composting and anaerobic digestion. Plus, we continue to support The Felix Project in their cause that no meals should go to waste

An agroforestry scheme is planted on our farm, a project which applies the symbiosis of ranging laying chickens, trees and fertile soil for fruit and vegetables to stock enterprises and the food production of a 30-acre field, which in turn enhances habitat for pollinators and farmland birds

Our Easter packaging is 100% compostable and for Christmas, many of our gifts come in reusable jars, boxes or baskets, with the idea to eliminate single use packaging and offer alternatives that can be used for years to come. Renewable energy is a huge focus and we opened a new A+ energy-rated office and warehouse. We are also capturing the rainwater from their roofs and have doubled our electric car charging points. Explore our year of sustainability in review here

Planting for Bees
Discover more about sustainability at Daylesford here, and keep an eye on our blog for further updates on sustainability throughout the year.