October is set to be an exciting month for both Daylesford and our sister company Bamford, as together we prepare to open two beautiful new locations in Brompton Cross, South Kensington. For Daylesford, our fourth London farmshop will open on Sloane Avenue offering sustainable pieces for the home and of course the finest organic food and produce from our farm.

Across the street on Draycott Avenue, Bamford will be opening its first standalone BAMFORD Haybarn Spa in London. We interviewed our co-founder Carole Bamford on her inspiration behind this new wellness space and the healing treatments, classes and products on offer.

MM Bamford Haybarn SpaWhat is the inspiration behind the new Bamford Haybarn Spa opening in London?

Bamford’s original Haybarn Spa is set within the tranquil greenery of the farm at Daylesford and for me that setting is what makes it so unique. After a treatment, you can sit and relax, surrounded by nature, connecting with its sights and sounds.

I have always wanted to be able to transport the essence of those natural surroundings and peace to an urban setting, so I am delighted that at Brompton Cross we are finally bringing that vision to life in an area that also has a calm, relaxed neighbourhood feel.

What can we expect to find there?

Bamford Haybarn Brompton Cross is a holistic space, a sanctuary of calm where you can recharge, restore and nourish your body, mind and spirit in different ways.

There are three floors and each is devoted to one of the core pillars in Bamford’s well-being philosophy – move, breathe, heal – so on each floor you can focus on a different element of your wellness.

What is the focus of each floor?

The ground floor is the space we’ve called BREATHE: it a space to slow down and simply take a moment out of your day to be with yourself in surroundings that feel calm and soothing. Our breath is fundamental to life and the way that we breathe can affect all the processes in the body yet many of us never really relax our breathing or focus on it. On this floor, you’re gently reminded to slow your pace and breathe. You can take a seat at the infusions bar and sip an organic infusion that has been carefully blended to target a specific area of well-being; browse the collection of clothing, body and skin care products; or you can sit and be treated to a complimentary sample of an organic skincare ritual.

On the lower ground floor – HEAL – are our treatment rooms. They are large, luxurious suites where our therapists can create truly bespoke experiences to pamper and respond to individual needs.

The top floor is the space to MOVE. You can practise yoga and pilates classes, meditation or sound healing in our skylit studio. It is a tranquil, nurturing space where you can look up to the sky and feel like you are close to the outdoors.

What treatments can we book in for?

There is a selection of full body and massage treatments that are not only designed to relax and soothe, they perform a range of functions – from drawing toxins out of the body, unblocking energy channels to relieve accumulated stress; or even target your gut health.

Facials are particularly beneficial for urban living: from detoxifying and purifying congested urban skin, to reversing the signs of ageing, which is exacerbated by exposure to pollution. But each facial also works on other areas of your overall well-being, whether it’s through the healing jade stones that are used for pressure point facial massage or the cleansing mineral footbath that you experience as your facial mask is absorbed.

All of the treatments are carefully targeted towards healing the body holistically and combine the best techniques and ancient traditions from around the world, including shiatsu and abdominal massage, assisted stretching, hot and cold jade stones, crystal healing and reflexology.

We will also be exclusively launching our new treatment designed to help you sleep.

The wellness and fitness market in London is booming – what do you feel Bamford is bringing to the domain that sets Haybarn Brompton Cross apart from other openings?

In today’s fast-paced world, concepts and theories of how to achieve optimal wellness are pressed upon us daily. There is so much noise and conflicting advice and information that many of us have lost sight of the sole and fundamental thing we can do to feel well: simply to slow down, breathe, be kind to ourselves in order to live in a more conscious way.

At Brompton Cross we have created a space devoted to mindful living, a sanctuary where busy Londoners can retreat to a restorative space to disconnect from the pace of urban living and nurture body, mind and spirit in tandem.

The natural side to the space is something we have focused on and thought about very carefully. Everything we do at Bamford is inspired by nature: whether that’s the linens, cottons and yarns we use to make the clothing, or the plants, herbs, clays and other natural ingredients we use in the skincare and body products, and this is reflected in the natural woods, willow and marble used to furnish and create the space. As soon as you step inside, there’s a sense that we’ve brought the outdoors in; we are connecting you with nature’s healing qualities.

The Bamford Haybarn Spa Brompton Cross:

Due to open early October 2018

104 Draycott Avenue



0207 259 4980


Mon-Sat: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Sun: 10.00am – 5.00pm