Our sustainability expert Tim Field and his team work hard to push Daylesford towards our goal of being a fully sustainable company everyday, ensuring we tread as lightly as we can on this planet.

With the pressure mounting for companies to make positive changes towards a future of sustainability, we recognise that we still have measures to go in order to become fully sustainable and are committed to making those changes.

We know that it is our responsibility to give you the right tools to improve your carbon footprint, recognising that a huge part of this starts with the products you buy from us. That’s why we’re constantly testing new packaging developments and reviewing the way we run as a company to help us improve. Here, we’ve compiled an update on how far we’ve come in 2019 and a preview of our plans for next year.


Our new office, laundry and fresh warehouse have been designed and built to help us lower our carbon footprint. Heated by biomass and using solar panels for energy, these new spaces are close to zero emissions. We are also capturing the rainwater from their roofs and have doubled our electric car charging points.


We doubled the colonies of our precious pollinators this year after a really great season with plenty of pollen and nectar to support them and allow them to thrive.


This year we focused on eating more vegetables and eating less meat, but better quality when we do eat it. We increased the size of our organic Market Garden whilst informing our customers on the importance of animals reared in an organic, sustainable farming system through our Daylesford Discusses events and our video which debated whether we can consume meat with a conscience. We have worked hard to share our story on the need for high welfare meat production.


Three hero team members from our London stores raised over £30,000 for The Felix Project by cycling through Croatia for 36 hours. On top of last year’s Street Smart campaign and our continued food donations, this enabled Daylesford to sponsor a van for The Felix Project which will continue to distribute surplus food to those in most need across London.


In June we launched our Zero Waste Pantry on our Cotswolds farm, allowing customers to fill up reusable vessels with loose dry items such as cereals, nuts and grains along with olive oil and honey, taking only what they need, and in October we extended this to include our plant-based cleaning products. We also reward customers for bringing in their reusable containers when purchasing coffee and takeaway salads.


Since we opened the doors of our very first farmshop in 2002, we have never given away a plastic carrier bag. For Easter this year our packaging was almost entirely made from compostable and recyclable materials, and for Christmas many of our gifts come in reusable jars, boxes or baskets, with the idea to eliminate single use packaging and offer alternatives that can be reused for storage, decorations and more.

When asked about our sustainability goals going forward, our sustainability lead Tim Field shared that “Next year we will continue to strip back packaging with more innovation and incentives, we will connect more of our production units and farm to harvested rainwater and renewable energy, we will continue with our mission for zero food waste, we will inspire sustainable farming practices to be the norm, not the exception, and we will reap the rewards from our expanding apiaries of content bees, foraging the flower-rich wildlife habitats and fields of our farm.”

We know there is hope in action and hope you will join us in this very exciting movement for change. Find out more about our sustainability pledges on our sustainability page or visit our blog for tips and ideas on living a more sustainable lifestyle.