Without question, the past few months have profoundly changed the way we live. Fundamental behaviours such as working, learning, exercising, shopping, relaxing and socialising completely shifted as we collectively navigated the new realities of lockdown.

As Daylesford’s founder Carole Bamford discussed in this interview, as the world begins to emerge from its pause, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on what has passed and ponder deeper questions as we move forward.

Front of mind is health & wellbeing, as efforts to contain the pandemic continue across the globe, but also the environment as the planet faces a sudden increase in single-use plastic and concerns about our supply chains.

When it comes to protecting your own health as well as our precious wildlife, landscape and environment, the choices we make really do matter. The importance of choosing carefully and consciously is what we are reflecting on this Organic September, as we transform our farmshops to celebrate Harvest’s bounty, thank the hardworking farmers who grow our country’s larder and encourage everyone who steps through our doors to “be the change”.

Our DAYLESFORD CLASSICS range is a handpicked selection of the favourites our customers and team return to time and again. These perennially popular food, drinks, homeware and skincare represent what we stand for at Daylesford: working in harmony with nature, supporting artisan skills, with sustainable values and ethical practices.

We hope that the care, skill and quality evident in each of our Homeware and Food Classics will inspire you as we look forward to building a greener world and living more sustainably together. Find out more about why we have selected them below and shop the range here.


A carefully curated selection of items that are beautiful, useful and sustainable.

Show your living areas some care with candles made from natural ingredients, our beloved Bailey glass jars, bags and baskets for storage and organisation, and cleaning products inspired by the power of plants.

For your tables, we favour elegant designs that are robust enough for everyday use. Our Ledbury glasses are individually blown by artisan makers using recycled glass, while our Pebble crockery and Chepstow cutlery are made from strong stoneware clay and best quality stainless steel in classic shapes you may recognise from our cafés, where they are frequently admired. Our Tiller tablecloths and napkins are made from pure washed linen in an array of colours.

Treat yourself with our organic skincare range, full of nourishing botanical extracts and quality reading materials for inspiration, enjoyment and the sharing of knowledge.


The artisans on our organic farm make a staggering array of delicious foods by hand every day.

Browse our high welfare meat from our pastures, award-winning cheese from our Creamery, handcrafted loaves from our Bakery, and traditionally cured ham made in small batches in our Smokehouse.

Our excellent jams, chutneys and preserves allow us to enjoy our seasonal produce all year round. Gluts from our Market Garden go to our Fermentary where they are transformed into delicious ferments full of zingy flavour and gut-friendly nutrition – all while tackling food waste.

From our kitchens, our organic “Real Meals” are a perfect standby when you need a nourishing hot meal at a moment’s notice while our wine & drinks are made using only the finest ingredients.


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