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Can we consume meat with a conscience?
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Can we consume meat with a conscience?


Daylesford founder Carole Bamford on the question of meat


“There has been a stark and significant rise in the number of people choosing to adopt vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as those seeking to reduce their intake and those describing themselves as ‘flexitarian’ – defined as anyone who has reduced their meat intake and eats fish and meat only occasionally. The question of whether to eat meat or not has become a heated and often emotional subject, one that many people find deeply confusing. With both sides staking strong claims, making an informed decision about whether to consume meat or not is complex and increasingly difficult.

As a working organic farm that raises livestock, our team at Daylesford is repeatedly questioned about their position on the subject.

What is undeniable is that there are pressing discussions that need to be had around how livestock is bred and raised and in what quantity, so at Daylesford we wanted to shed light upon these questions and present the facts surrounding the raising of organic livestock. To do so, we have created the film below. It asks these questions, as well as considering the other complicated facets to the debate around whether we should be putting meat on our plates. For anybody looking to gain further insight and inform their own decision about whether to eat meat, and how much and how to source it if they do, I hope that you might find the film useful. Knowledge and understanding is vital if we are to protect our planet as best we can and work together to make a difference.”





We are frequently asked why we continue to farm livestock here at Daylesford. We have created this short film to encourage discussion around the topic of meat consumption and to hopefully answer the question of whether we can, in today’s climate, consume meat with a conscience.

We believe that a mixed farming model works best and that it is possible to farm livestock sustainably, but in order to protect our planet for future generations, steps must be taken to reduce the amount of meat we are currently consuming as a society. Vegetables, fruits, pulses and seeds should be the main feature of our diet while seasonal, high welfare and high quality meat should be used sparingly.

We believe that if you do choose to eat meat, you can do so sustainably by choosing sustainable sources and by considering the consequences of the food that we put on our plates.

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