Daylesford’s founder Carole Bamford shares her approach to creating beautiful tablescapes inspired by the seasons.

Laying the table has always been an important part of a mealtime for me. Whether it’s a simple supper for me and my husband, a casual dinner party for friends or a big celebration, I like to make an effort – I love to make a table look special. Of course, entertaining groups isn’t possible at the moment but whether we’re cooking for one, for our partner or for family or friends with whom we’re isolating, I believe it’s still important to take that time to set the table and make it look inviting.

Mealtimes are an opportunity to be thankful for having food on our table and it feels right to honour that by serving and presenting food in a considered way and taking a moment to celebrate it. But a table setting doesn’t have to be fancy – just a few elements, like putting on a tablecloth or adding some candles can bring a sense of occasion to a meal.

My inspiration and ideas for a table always begin by looking to nature and my garden. I generally keep flowers to a single colour, alongside foliage and other greenery, and then add accents of other colours through the glassware or the linens and tablecloth. Herbs are a favourite at the moment – I’ll put small pots or planters like the ones below directly on the table, but you can also take cuttings and put them into glasses or small bud vases.

This table setting is one that I put together for the second issue of Seed magazine, and while it’s maybe a bit elaborate for a simple weeknight supper, I hope it might provide some inspiration for how you could use elements from your garden or your home to create a beautiful setting for a meal.

To help recreate the scene, you can find some of the items in this spring table online here.

Seed Magazine TableSeed Magazine Tabletop

Photography by Martin Morrell and Neil Watson.