Often referred to as the season of indulgence, it’s easy for us to go overboard at Christmas. With so much choice, we can lose track on how to consume consciously, forgetting that there is a need for us to do so.

From buying presents and using endless reels of wrapping paper to catering for big groups and getting those all-important table decorations, we can end up consuming more than we realise.

Just as we have been thinking about the consequences of the food we put on our plates, we’d also like to direct our attention to how we consume during the festive period and how we might improve this to be more mindful of our planet and its precious resources. As individuals, making changes might not seem like much, but together we can make a big difference. Read our tips to consume consciously this Christmas.

Only buy what you need

Planning meals is the key to success – and purchasing only what you need means you’re less likely to end up wasting food. With developments like our Zero Waste Pantry, it’s never been easier to measure and buy the amount needed. When we consume consciously, we put real thought into what we actually need and this goes towards reducing, if not eliminating, the amount we waste.

… or let us do the planning for you

If you’re hosting for a group and don’t know where to start, speak to our Daylesford Delivered team. An easy way to consume consciously, our dedicated team will plan meals to your party size and preferences as well as adding glassware and tableware which they’ll pick up after the occasion.

Utilise your leftovers

Keep a close eye on your delicious leftovers and don’t let any go to waste. From broths to sandwiches, make sure it is all enjoyed and get creative with how you use them. Explore our recipes section for inspiration on what to do with your leftovers.

Pictured: Christmas leftovers bubble & squeak 

Be resourceful

Many of the materials used in our floristry courses are foraged from our farm’s hedgerows and woodlands. These are a beautiful, natural alternative to artificial decorations with less of a consequence on the environment. Explore the nature on your doorstep and see what you can find, or explore our floristry courses to create your own display from our farm’s natural materials.

Recycle, reuse, rehome

You may have products in jars like jams, honeys or sauces. Once you have finished them, we recommend washing and reusing them as decorations. Our suggestion is to fill the jars with seasonal blooms and foliage for beautiful table decor, or instead place a tealight inside for a beautiful glow.

Shop organicallY

Choosing where you shop is as important as what you purchase when you consume consciously. Growing and rearing our organic veggies and meat involves many planet-friendly practices; for example, we fix carbon and fertility in the soil using natural processes, not carbon-intensive methods. We farm without artificial chemicals or pesticides and take care of our produce from the field to our forks. Explore our online shop and discover our organic food here.


… and sustainably

Sustainability is a by-product of farming organically. Not only do we avoid wastage by reusing our animals’ manure to add fertility to our fields, our farm’s kitchens that produce our cheese, bread, real meals, preserves and ferments are all fuelled by renewable energy including biomass, solar and heat capture. Learn more about our sustainability pledges here.

Get crafty

You don’t have to purchase everything at Christmas – why not join us on one of our many craft workshops? From printing your own paper to creating bespoke gifts and labels by hand, you can add a bespoke touch to your gifts without needing to buy them ready-made. Explore our craft workshops including bauble painting and paper printing to give your gifts a bespoke touch this Christmas.

Choose low-carbon gifts

For a truly conscious gift choice, our Cookery School and Garden Workshop offer gift cards for their classes. If you’d like to gift your loved one an experience rather than an item, one of our workshops led by our expert tutors could be the perfect choice. Visit our Cookery School or Garden Workshop for more details.

Spread the word

When it comes to living sustainably and making sure we consume consciously, we are only as good as what we know. Inspire a friend to consider their consumption habits with a copy of nurture, our founder Carole Bamford’s book on living according to the seasons, or gift them a copy of Seed magazine, our new bi-annual publication that is packed with sustainable living ideas.

New for Christmas 2019, our nurture nature hamper is the ideal gift for anyone interested in living a more sustainable life.

For more inspiration on how to consume consciously and live sustainably, head to our blog, or to purchase a gift card for our Cookery School or Garden Workshop courses, visit daylesford.com.