Farrah Storr, the editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, always has a healthy glow despite her demanding lifestyle. We asked her to share her food philosophy.

There’s nothing worse than someone moaning about how their job is a cavalcade of breakfasts, lunches and dinners is there? But sorry all, that’s exactly what I’m about to do. Why? Because when a lot of your work involves being social (which I’m sure if true for the majority of you) then you have to be smart about what you eat and drink, without becoming the social anvil who asks for all dressings “on the side”, chased with a hot water and lemon. So this is how I try and eat Monday-Friday to stay healthy, wholesome and still have a laugh.

Breakfast: This is the very best time to eat fruit – and most restaurants will do you a fruit salad. A wise old Ayuverdic doctor in India once told me that it’s always best to eat fruit on an empty stomach. Fruit is pretty simple to digest, but eat it after another food type (which usually take longer to work their way through your digestive tract) and it has to wait its turn. In that time the fruit starts to ferment leading to, you guessed it…bloating. This simple trick has pretty much revolutionised how I eat breakfast.

LUNCH: If I’m going to eat meat then I’ll do it at lunch. It goes without saying that organic is your friend, as is fish. I always look for wild salmon (most good restaurants will be able to tell you whether it is or not. Or they’ll boast about it in the menu). It’s the highest in omega-3s (if you’ve got a stressful job you’ll be needing lots of these) and low in mercury. Next best option: omega-3 rich white fish. If you’re trying to keep thing low fat this is the best order to go for: cod, hake, haddock, pollock or sole.

DINNER: I try not to eat too much meat but I love steak – provided it is grass-fed beef. (Again, ask. Most restaurants will know or boast about it on their menu). Grass-fed beef has more vitamins than its grain-fed counter-parts, more antioxidants and is lower in fat. Sold? You should be.

DRINK: I’m not a big drinker, but there’s nothing worse than holding back when everyone else is knocking it back. And I never quite trust someone who isn’t drinking when everyone else is. My order of preference goes like this: red wine, anything from south west France, Italy or Sardinia is best as they have the highest concentration of heart-healthy procyanidin (and your sommelier will be really impressed, no bad thing at a business meeting). Celebrating? Go for champagne over prosecco (the Italian version has almost 50 per cent more sugar) and tequila if we’re talking hard liquor as its made of simple sugars and so is one of the easiest alcohols to break down in the body. Kate Hudson told me she swears by a good tequila – and have you ever seen her falling out of a 3am party? Exactly.

SNACKS: This is party season. You will be offered lots of delicious things that will wilt any willpower you ever had. This is okay. You’re human. And it is party season. By only advice: go easy on your digestion the following day by sticking to a mainly liquid diet. This is where Daylesford’s BONE BROTHS come in handy.