To welcome in the New Year, we’re excited to introduce our new Eat to be healthy philosophy.

At Daylesford, we’re all about sustainable health. Eating to be healthy doesn’t have to mean cutting out food groups or restricting yourself. Nourish yourself with the best quality organic produce you can find – be that fresh fruit and vegetables, a glass of whole milk, a bowl of oats or a fillet of wild venison – and your body will thank you for it.

A nutritious diet is not just for January – it’s for life! For 2015 we’ve made it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to lead a healthier lifestyle in the long-term, with light yet nourishing dishes in our cafés, a new range of delicious Eat to be healthy products in farmshops and cutting-edge courses on raw food and sugar, wheat and dairy-free cooking in the Cookery School.


Our chefs have added some super-healthy dishes to our café menus. For breakfast, choose from dishes including raw chocolate & chia seed pudding, stewed fruits & cashew nut cream and homemade toasted nut granola with cold-pressed raw almond milk. On the menu for lunch includes a detox chicken, ginger & vegetable broth, steamed cod fillet with winter greens & quinoa and a new selection of healthy organic salads – we’re loving the raw green kale, new season butternut squash & spirulina crusted pumpkin seeds. Add in a protein boost such as grilled salmon or turmeric & ginger poached chicken for a complete meal.


There’s a whole range of Eat to be healthy products to discover in farmshops. Top of the list are two new organic cold-press juices – b bright, with organic orange, red pepper, carrot, ginger and turmeric, and b soothed, containing pear, spinach, ginger, parsley, chlorella and fennel. We’ve also teamed up with one of our favourite artisan health brands The Pressery to produce our own cold-press almond milks. Our new porridge pots mean you’ll always have time for breakfast in the morningwhilst seed potsenergy bites and raw balls are great for slow-release snacking. There’s also plenty of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables from the market garden for homemade smoothies and juices, super-nutrient powders including chlorella, lucuma and chia for an extra nutritional boost and whole organic grains and pulses for nourishing suppers. Happy shopping!


In the Cookery School at Daylesford, we have two new courses to help equip you with all the skills needed for a healthy 2015. Our Eat to be healthy course will give you the inspiration to create dishes that are good both for your body and your soul, celebrating fresh, light and healthy dishes that are free of refined sugars, dairy and wheat flour. Whether you suffer from intolerances, are following a specific dietary regime or are simply taking care of yourself, this is the course to kick-start your kitchen makeover. We’re also welcoming Thai chef Kuttiya Nimcean who, together with The Cookery School team, will deliver ‘Raw!’: a full-day course full of delicious, nutritious dishes based around raw foods, including vegetables and fish, giving your digestion a chance to rest after the festive period. Find out more & book here.


We’ve teamed up with nutritionist Rhaya Jordan to bring you exclusive healthy recipes for the New Year. Pick up a recipe card in farmshops, or discover a selection of recipes online.


Download our Healthy Resolutions calendar now or pick up a paper copy in farmshops for daily simple (and often delicious) tips to help make your life healthier, one step at a time.

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