In June we launched our Zero Waste Pantry at our Kingham farmshop. Designed to offer our staple products as loose-fill items, we wanted to encourage customers to take only what they need, filling up reusable vessels from our Zero Waste Pantry or bringing in their own containers.

zero waste

With a variety of food products available as well as our range of our plant-based cleaning products, our Zero Waste Pantry is intended to reduce and eliminate unnecessary food and household product waste in line with our
sustainability goals. Here, we explore what eating for a day in our Zero Waste Pantry would look like along with some seasonal recipe suggestions.


With a variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruit in our Zero Waste Pantry, it’s time to get creative with your breakfast. Our pick and mix option allows you to fill up a reusable container with a mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit so you can finish off your breakfasts with delicious, wholesome toppings. Our farmshop is just next door if you want to pick up some fresh fruit too.

We also have cereals including bran flakes, cornflakes and a variety of mueslis as well as gluten free porridge oats and honey available on tap.

Recipes we love:

♥ Bircher muesli with goji berries and seeds – try me

♥ Autumn spiced porridge with blackberry coulis and apple – try me

♥ Rhubarb blood orange breakfast crumble – try me

♥ Christmas granola – try me


Our loose fill items extend beyond the breakfast plate – our much loved tricolour quinoa, lentils and arborio rice are all available in our Zero Waste Pantry. Whether you bring in your own container or pick up one of ours, you can fill and weigh products before purchasing them, taking the amount you need. We also have olive oil and cider vinegar on tap in our Zero Waste Pantry which can be made into delicious dressings.

Recipes we love:

♥ Pomegranate chicken thighs and red quinoa salad – try me

♥ English dukkah with thyme – try me

♥ Turkey salad with lentils, wild rice and cranberries – try me


At Daylesford we believe that eating well is sharing local, seasonal, organic food that nourishes us from the inside out. Luckily, our Zero Waste Pantry is packed with items that are made using the highest quality organic ingredients, with no added chemicals or flavours.

With plenty of options for dinner such as our tubetti regatti and penne pasta and our fresh seasonal vegetables available just a stone’s throw away, there is plenty of opportunity to rustle up a variety of delicious dinners. We also sell plant-based sauces in our farmshop which pair perfectly with our organic pasta.

Recipes we love:

♥ Healing chicken broth with pearl barley and ginger – try me

♥ Roast partridge with lentils and kale – try me

♥ Warming butternut squash dahl – try me

♥ Pumpkin and chickpea brown rice balls with labneh – try me



We couldn’t go a day without snacking. Make sure you’re never caught short with our snack recipes; each uses wholesome, nourishing ingredients, many of which can be found in our Zero Waste Pantry including our sumptuous blended almond butter.

Or, pick up sweet treats such as organic chocolate buttons which can be packed into a reusable vessel and enjoyed for weeks to come.

Recipes we love:

♥ Matcha, coconut and goji berry energy bars – try me

♥ Almond butter truffles – try me

♥ Ancient grain bread – try me

To drink

There are a variety of health-boosting kombuchas, loose leaf teas and coffee available in our Zero Waste Pantry, a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet. Our selection of teas and coffee is produced with the highest ethical and sustainable standards without the use of pesticides or unnecessary chemicals and is sourced from organic estates and co-operatives which support farming communities and sustainable farming methods, just as we do ourselves.

Explore our teas and coffees online to select the ones you’d like to pick up in our Zero Waste Pantry.

For seasonal recipe inspiration, visit our recipes section, or find out more about our farm’s Zero Waste Pantry here.