Our resident Environmental Scientist Tim Field shares his thoughts on game season…


We are deep into the game season now. The partridge and pheasants are hitting their sporting prime, the grouse continue to feed us from the moors, the migratory duck have reached our shores from northern climes, and it is rich rewards from our venison reared on the parkland of our Staffordshire Farm, Wootton.


The hunter-gatherer in us welcomes the chance to get our hands on some game. And in some respects, it is a sustainable alternative to food grown and reared on the farm. Truly wild game requires no inputs, so we are harvesting calories for free.  And as long as we keep a sustainable, healthy population, and don’t disrupt the ecological balance, I have a clear conscience when tucking in to some recently shot bounty.


It’s sad to think that some people are put off eating game having received a bad experience; some struggle to grapple with the lean nature of the meat and overcook it… a disaster unless you like eating leather. Or simply don’t fancy preparing it themselves.  It’s a great shame, as it is so nutritious and readily available throughout these winter months.


So the Cookery School team and I are dedicating a Sunday to teach the simple art of game preparation, with cooking tips and tasters with our Game Preparation & Butchery session. We’ll skin and break down a deer carcass, have a demonstration on plucking, and share some handy tips to quickly prepare a bird-in-feather for the freezer if you’re short on time.