In Britain the average adult sleeps just six hours each night and this is simply not enough, it is so important to ensure we are all getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep benefits us on every level and taking steps to getting a good night’s sleep can transform your whole sense of wellbeing. Our bodies ideally need eight good hours of quality rest for the recuperation required on a daily basis. When we sleep, our brains can process information and consolidate learning, our hormones can regulate, our cells can mend, our moods and emotions can settle.

Insufficient sleep is like pressing fast-forward on ageing and stress, and can exacerbate other issues. But the damage is, thankfully, reversible.

Our resident nutritionist and wellness expert Rhaya Jordan is hosting a series of Wellness Workshops at Daylesford throughout the year, teaching practical sleep hygiene techniques to create an optimum environment for quality rest.

Over servings of our dreamtime tea and turmeric golden milk, you will learn how to re-establish natural rhythms to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and energised each morning. You will make your own aromatherapy sleep pillows to aid restful, recuperative sleep in the long term.

Bamford Massage

The Bamford Haybarn Spa has created a tailored treatment with an accompanying range of products, devoted to relaxing your body and preparing your mind for a peaceful night’s rest.

Rooted in ancient healing techniques, the treatment includes a stress-reducing footbath; a back massage, a series of assisted stretches and Japanese shiatsu rocking. Pressure points on the neck and chest are also targeted to release chronic stress. Their therapists use the products in our new b SILENT range, which includes bath and body oils made with Roman camomile and lavender flower, a soothing temple balm, a calming pillow mist and a relaxing organic infusion.

By the end of the treatment your body will feel completely relaxed, free from any tension, calm and ready for sleep.

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