Grown in our market garden on our Gloucestershire farm, we’ve started our organic strawberry, tomato, salad leaves and mangetout plants from seed and nurtured them through their early weeks, so you can harvest your own organic crop this summer.

Perfect for both containers and planting out in compost-rich ground. You can pick up some baby plants from our farmshops near Kingham, on the Pimlico Road and Westbourne Grove.

As part of our commitment to spread the word of organic production and to encourage people to Grow Their Own, we developed our seasonal plant nursery in our farm’s organic market garden, where we grown the fruit and vegetables we sell in the farmshops and use in our chutneys, jams, meals and soups.

Plants and varieties have been selected for their ease of growing and eating qualities, so they reflect what we grow in the market garden at Daylesford. All plants are raised in compost from sustainable sources, approved by the Soil Association. Our range of pot plants are grown in fibre pots, or old plastic pot stock. The fibre pots allows you to transplant without having to remove from pot (simply cut pot down either side), thus minimizing transplant shock, optimizing plant growth.

Our range of plug plants is sold in plastic half seed trays, 20-24 plants per tray. This format means they can be kept for up to 2 weeks before planting. We try not to use plastic containers, but they are the best material available to ensure best quality plants. We will happily recycle these trays for you, so do return them on a future visit.