For Christmas 2019, many of our gifts came in reusable jars, boxes or hamper baskets with the idea to eliminate single use packaging and offer alternatives that can be reused for storage, decorations and more.

If you were fortunate enough to receive one of our organic Christmas hampers but aren’t sure how to reuse it, we’ve put our heads together to come up with multiple ideas for reuse. Aside from enjoying the delicious festive fancies inside it, you’re now the owner of a beautiful, cotton-lined and sustainable wicker basket, so why not put it into use?

Below are our top ideas for reusing our hamper baskets – a gift that can be reused for years to come.

organic hampers


1 – Pass it on

If you can bear to let go of your hamper, making your own version could be a lovely gift for a loved one. We recommend stuffing it with delicious food and drink that the lucky recipient will love.


2 – Log basket

The generous size of our hamper baskets makes for a very rustic log, paper and kindling store. The cotton lining will capture any wood crumbs and the lid means you never have to see the logs.


3 – Declutter

Our hamper baskets are the ideal declutterers; ideal for busy hallways that tend to get filled up with shoes, boots, hats and scarves, or dog coats and leads.


4 – Pet bed

For small or medium sized furry friends, try using a hamper basket as a bed. Its cotton lining will keep the dog or cat hairs contained and makes the perfect base to throw pillows or blankets on top.


5 – Toy chest

A stylish take on a toy chest, our white wicker hamper baskets make putting away children’s toys quick and easy for when unexpected guests arrive. Or, fill yours up with dressing up outfits for hours of fun.


6 – Bathrooms

The neutral white colour of our hamper baskets means they are brilliantly versatile and will work as a tidy in most bathrooms as a home for toiletries, cleaning products and toilet rolls that you want to keep hidden.


7 – Planting
Our Cotswolds farm’s Garden Room team re-use hamper baskets to create stunning seasonal floral displays for the home. Consider one of our floristry courses then try experimenting at home.


8 – Weddings and special occasions

A stylish addition to any wedding or special occasion, a hamper basket could be just what you need to set off your decor. Fill it with sparklers, confetti, orders of service or blankets for when the temperature drops.


9 – Kitchen

Possibly one of the most common places to get cluttered easily, the kitchen would make a great home for your new hamper basket, holding dried foods, utensils, accessories and reusable food containers.


10 – Picnic basket

When temperatures increase in the spring, we love to eat al fresco and our white wicker hamper baskets could be the perfect companion for storing food, drinks and blankets.


11 – Car tidy

Keep your back seats or boot tidy with our hamper baskets. Ideal for everyday use, they keep car-bound items all in one place, so there won’t be anything rolling around as you drive.


We’d love to hear and see how you’ve reused your hamper baskets – including any additional uses you have found. Share yours on Instagram using #daylesfordhamper. 

For more sustainable living ideas, head to our blog or visit our sustainability page to explore how we’re striving to become as sustainable a company as possible.