After the rich foods and excesses of the festive period, we tend to be drawn to fresh, bright flavours, warming soups and lighter meals.

The foods people tend to instinctively crave in January and February are typically those which are naturally at peak season, and are also the most beneficial at this time of year, when you may be feeling run-down, chilly and bloated.

In other words, the things you probably want to cook and eat now are perfect for your body, health and happiness. So go with your gut!


Mid-morning: enjoy a cultured drink like a bottle of kombucha (fermented tea) or kefir

Lunch: warm up with organic beef bone broth, or alternatively make a delicious seasonal soup with slow-cooked leeks, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, chicken or vegetable broth and turmeric.

Dinner: roasted vegetables (including beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac and lots of garlic) with salad leaves and a spoonful of sauerkraut or kimchi on the side. If you like, make a quick gremolata of chopped citrus zest (lemon or Seville orange), garlic and parsley to sprinkle over your roasted vegetables for an extra layer of healthy, delicious flavour.

Day two

Breakfast: a cup of water and a squeeze of your chosen citrus, plus a filling smoothie from our new Feed Your Core range – if you had green yesterday, choose purple today and vice versa.

Mid-morning: enjoy a cultured drink like a bottle of kombucha (fermented tea) or kefir

Lunch: leftover roasted vegetables from Day One’s dinner, plus Daylesford raw slaw and cauliflower & quinoa salad from our Food To Go counter.

Dinner: marinate a chicken breast with garlic, olive oil, Seville orange zest and juice for 20 minutes before grilling or roasting. Serve with wilted kale and toasted pine nuts.

Day 3

Breakfast: oat porridge with yoghurt, grated apple and a spoonful of linseeds stirred through. Alternatively, prepare a chia seed porridge with almond milk and maca.

Mid-morning: enjoy a cultured drink like a bottle of kombucha (fermented tea) or kefir

Lunch: organic chicken bone broth or Jerusalem artichoke soup (as before) 

Dinner: Panfried liver, cooked quickly with anti-inflammatory garlic, chillies and lemon juice. Serve with a spiralized carrot salad.

For an even lighter option, you could curate a nourishing menu of juices and soups from our B Cleansed and real meals from our kitchen ranges. Each day, enjoy four cold-pressed green juices and turmeric shots before finishing with a chicken bone broth in the evening. Stay hydrated throughout the day with herbal teas and water.