After the rich foods and excesses of the festive period, we tend to be drawn to fresh, bright flavours and lighter meals in January and February.

The comforting, warming and revitalising foods we tend to crave at this time of year – such as citrus fruits, hearty greens, soothing soups and bone broths ­– are actually those which are beneficial when you may be feeling run-down, chilly and bloated. Happily, these foods are also naturally at peak season in winter.

In other words, the foods you probably want to cook and eat now are perfect for your body, strength and resilience. Go with your instinctive cravings and be inspired by our seasonal recipes and ideas for healthy food choices for a happy, healthy winter.


  • Green Super Smoothie – recipe here
  • Baked eggs, winter greens, yoghurt and chilli oil – recipe here
  • Spiced porridge with blackberry coulis, almond butter and apple – recipe here

If you don’t feel like cooking…


  • A cheering salad of roasted cauliflower, grains and pistachios – recipe here
  • Nourishing mushroom broth with an added boost from a powerful 8 mushroom extract  – recipe here
  • Shredded cabbage, carrots and beetroot tossed in an addictively spicy, sweet and salty dressing Daylesford raw slaw – recipe here
  • Healing chicken broth with ginger and watercress – recipe here
  • Garlic & thyme mushrooms on toast – recipe here

If you don’t feel like cooking…

  • organic bone broth or any of the freshly prepared soups, stews and more from our kitchens – shop now


  • A richly flavoured casserole made with lean, nutritious venison, port and bay leaves – recipe here
  • Salmon curry with spiced cauliflower rice – recipe here
  • A savoury crumble of butternut squash, soft cheese and cavolo nero topped with oats, pumpkin seeds and toasted hazelnuts – recipe here
  • Roasted vegetables (including beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac and lots of garlic) topped with a quick gremolata of chopped citrus zest (lemon or Seville orange), garlic and parsley and a spoonful of sauerkraut or kimchi on the side
  • Feel-good chicken soup with ginger and soy – recipe here
  • Grilled chicken breast marinated with garlic, olive oil, citrus zest and juice, served with wilted kale and toasted pine nuts.
  • Pan-fried liver, cooked quickly with anti-inflammatory garlic, chillies and lemon juice, served with a shredded or spiralized carrot salad.

If you don’t feel like cooking…


For more ways to look after yourself and build immune resilience through your diet, read our simple tips to stay well.