Just a short distance from Daylesford in the village of Kingham, our country pub The Wild Rabbit is a place to eat, drink and rest.

Each of the rooms and cottages combines modern and traditional elements, with natural textures and quality materials.

Many guests ask for tips on how to recreate a similar look and feel in their own homes. Here, we go behind the scenes of The Wild Rabbit to share some secrets of how the distinctive interiors style is achieved.

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The surrounding countryside is incorporated into the The Wild Rabbit’s interiors in various ways. The original stone walls are exposed and celebrated. Locally sourced wood was chosen for the furniture including hazel, chestnut, oak, beech and ash – they work together because they grow together.

The colour palette was inspired by the immediate surroundings, such as bay coloured bridle leather and rust-coloured hemp and linen for the Deer room.


The rooms achieve a pared-back yet cosy feel by combining contrasting textures and fabrics, with an unapologetic use of luxurious materials such as the finest linen sheets, organic cotton bath robes and linen towels, as well as mattresses, uppers and pillows that are the very best quality. Throws are an opportunity to add cosy texture and a pop of colour.

The linen curtains are heavily padded and lined for the perfect night’s sleep yet beautifully contrasted with a softer linen blind to filter the light.



The heritage of the original building is respected by exposing architectural elements and using reclaimed and recycled materials.

For example beams and door frames were patched and became a focus, oak boards were revealed and re-appropriated, and wattle and daub panelling was restored and re-rendered.


In Carole Bamford’s words, “the idea was to create a place that felt like home – somewhere with warmth, light, good company and great food.”

Guests at The Wild Rabbit will feel like they’ve been invited to stay at a country house, with found items, a good book and naughty or playful lino-cuts by Hugo Guinness to create a relaxed space that feels like home.

Comfort and ease are always considered in the smallest of details, such as placing light switches near the door and by the bed.

The Wild Rabbit is now open for bookings in the restaurant, rooms and cottages. For important information on visiting please click here