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Lamb, Hogget and Mutton are some of the most sustainable choices for meat eaters. Here’s our quick guide to these ethical meats:

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A sheep younger than 14 months old, that hasn’t given birth. Most commonly eaten from five months old, the meat is tender, with the fillet and rump being the most prized cuts. Traditional roast leg or shoulder will come from an animal this age.


A sheep of 15 or 16 months old. The meat is darker in colour, has a stronger, richer flavour than lamb and lends well to slower cooking. The traditional sign of a true hogget is the arrival of the first two front teeth!


A sheep of over 2 years old, the meat has a deep, strong flavour and needs long, slow cooking to tenderise and break down the tougher meat fibres. We recommend asking your butcher how old the mutton is before you buy.