Lambing tours at Daylesford are a brilliant family day out to celebrate the onset of spring and new life on the farm. This year we are holding our lambing tours on 7th April 2018 and we hope you can join us at our Cotswolds farm.

Our Senior Farms Manager Richard and his team love showing guests of all ages the high-welfare barns where our ewes and lambs are housed until the weather warms up a little, as well as sharing insights on how we farm and the lambing process. The flock includes pedigree and traditional breeds such as Ryeland, Kerry Hill and Cotswold crossed with Llyn so you will be able to see and learn about lots of different varieties on the tour.

Lambing in the spring means the lambs can enjoy the lush, sweet, clover-rich, organic summer pastures at Daylesford when they are ready to be turned out. They live a happy life outdoors, roaming free and grazing as they wish.

The lambing tours are free to attend, with donations to our local children’s charities gratefully received on the day.

For more information about free tour tickets and timings, please click here.

Watch our film about our animals and how we rear them to Soil Association standards.