We are delighted to announce the launch of our new range of organic infused waters. Created in partnership with No1 Botanicals, the drinks brand known for their much loved rosemary water, our range has five unique flavours that combine distilled water with an infused herbal kick.

Like us, No1 Botanicals know that there are a host of health benefits we can unlock from herbs, and with the necessity of drinking water an essential part of our everyday routines, the fusion of herbs and water means we can maximise on the advantages of both. Made with zero sugar, each water infusion is completely natural and is inspired by herbs from our organic Market Garden.

Whilst it is important to keep our bodies hydrated – a rough estimate is eight glasses per day – many of us struggle to keep up with this; the task of ‘getting our daily amount’ is easily pushed aside when we have the likes of caffeinated, sugary or fizzy drinks at our fingertips. That’s where our organic infused waters come in – with invigorating flavours such as uplifting ginger and soothing lavender, you can stay hydrated whilst enjoying the herbal infusions. Read on to explore our delicious infused waters range. 

   Organic Sparkling Holy Basil Infused Water Lifestyle with glass New organic ferments

Hemp & turmeric 

A combination of sparkling spring water, hemp seed and turmeric extract, our hemp and turmeric water provides a delicate subtle background note of these potent anti-inflammatory and digestive herbs. The earthy flavours of hemp and turmeric pair perfectly with zesty lemon to make a revitalising spritz.


Ginger has been used in traditional medicine for generations and is widely known to benefit our immune systems, aiding digestion and lifting the spirit. Sparkling water makes the perfect base for the fiery flavour of ginger which bright and earthy. Pair with fresh lime and serve over ice for a thirst-quenching tonic.

Holy basil 

Referred to as the ‘elixir of life’ in traditional Ayurveda, Greek, Roman and Siddha medicine, holy basil has been used traditionally to boost resilience, stamina and help deal with chronic stress.  Combine our sparkling water infusion with lemon or orange rind for an uplifting drink.


A much-loved flower in gardens across the country, lavender has long been associated with inducing calm and improving sleep. Using lavender extract, our soothing sparkling tonic has sweet floral notes and can be served with fresh mint and sage leaves for an invigorating beverage.

 Organic Sparkling Hemp & Turmeric Infused Water Lifestyle with glass Organic Sparkling Lavender Infused Water Lifestyle with glass 

“Whilst our infused waters do not include therapeutic doses of herbs, each herb used has a traditional action and use, and a hint of them makes water more pleasant and easier to drink. If we think of our diets as accumulative, consuming an infusion of these herbs in water on top of a well-balanced diet can only be beneficial to us.”– Rhaya Jordan, our in-house nutrition and wellness expert

As well as being a brilliant addition to our everyday diet, our new organic infused waters are a fantastic way to stay hydrated everyday and can double up as a delicious cocktail mixer. Find them online, in any of our farmshops or order through our personal shopping service Daylesford Delivered. Buy now at £2.99 per 330ml bottle.