Achievable, meaningful New Year resolutions will make a real difference to ourselves and the world around us.


Help sustainable, local British farms by expanding your cooking repertoire. Experiment with a new recipe, try an unfamiliar seasonal vegetable or speak to one of our butchers about underrated cuts of meat; the lesser eaten parts often have much more flavour.

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A tree, some flowers, your own salads. Grow something new to enhance your environment and enjoy. Explore our garden range for essential gardening tools, seeds and equipment.

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Buy well, once – whether clothes, kitchenware, toys or utensils. Avoid the disposable culture; seek out good quality possessions, give them care and they will last a lifetime.

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Reject something

This sounds negative but deciding to eschew single-use plastic carrier bags, water bottles, or poor welfare meat is often simple to achieve and really will make a difference.

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Make your own preserves from leftover fruit and vegetables to save money and stop food waste. We sell a selection of storage containers in our homeware department which are perfect for this.

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Daylesford works closely alongside The Felix Project which always needs volunteers, or find a cause you believe in and get involved.