At Daylesford we are very proud to have the first and largest red deer herd certified organic by the Soil Association.

Based on our Wootton Estate in Staffordshire, our deer enjoy as wild a life as possible and are free to roam our lush organic pastures, maturing slowly and naturally as they would in the wild. As with all of our animals, we work tirelessly to treat our deer with the respect they deserve. Producing one calf per year, they enjoy a healthy forage-based diet, roaming the hills and valleys on the estate which are lined with indigenous woodland.

organic venison organic venison organic venison

Giving our deer access to this unspoilt, natural land is essential and allowing breeding to take place as it would in the wild is integral to our farming practice and the health of the herd. As a result, this produces consistently high quality meat which is tasty and soft.

With twice as much iron as beef and lamb, organic venison is a nutrient-rich addition to a balanced diet. Not only does it provide this essential mineral, it is also a valuable source of the essential omega 3 fatty acids which are typically found in oily fish. For red meat lovers, or those on a low fat, low calorie and low cholesterol diet, venison ticks all of these boxes, has less fat than a skinned chicken breast and is a great source of protein containing 68% of your daily value for just 179 calories.

As our organic venison is so lean, it is important not to overcook it. Retaining its heat well after cooking means that you can undercook the meat then leave it to rest, allowing the rich flavours to develop and the tenderness of the meat to remain intact. Venison is as versatile as it is nutritious, with various cuts offering a multitude of cooking options; try leg and saddle for roasting, fillet and haunch steaks for pan-frying or grilling, diced meat for stews, casseroles and pies, and mince for burgers or to replace beef in traditional recipes.

Our organic venison has a warm, dark and stewy feel that works excellently with the cooler nights and open fires that accompany the harvest season. We recommend pairing it with seasonal vegetables such as leeks, braised celery and carrots, or for potato lovers, mix mashed potato with roasted celeriac. Traditional spices ginger, nutmeg and cloves work brilliantly with the rich flavours of the meat, or try adding peppery leaves such as mizuna or rocket if you’re preparing a salad.

organic venison organic venison organic venison

Sustainability is an essential part of our all of our farming practices on our Cotswolds and Staffordshire farms, and treading as lightly as we can on this planet is our top priority. As such, we are proud of our organic venison which comes into season only in the autumn and winter months. Visit our online shop to purchase your organic venison, or for cooking inspiration, head to our recipes section.