As much as we love Christmas, many of us at Daylesford are also looking forward to waking up on Boxing Day and being faced with all sorts of amazing leftovers.

The Cookery School team have shared their favourite recipes to transform whatever was not polished off on Christmas Day into new, delicious dishes to enjoy in the final days of December.

First things first: our Ultimate Turkey Sandwich is almost worth roasting a whole bird for! Take your time preparing each component, stack it high and enjoy thoroughly. Juicy, toothsome and packed with flavour, one bite of this and you’ll be dreaming of it all year.

If you like to have guests over for brunch, you may like to offer our Bubble & Squeak Cakes. This recipe breathes new life into leftover vegetables, forming them into moreish little cakes with a delightfully crispy crust. Just add a fried Legbar egg, ketchup or brown sauce and a pot of tea.

Don’t tidy away crumbs from your Christmas puddings and cakes – preserve these valuable nuggets in our Christmas Pudding & Whisky Ice Cream. The whisky can be omitted if you prefer, although it enhances the flavour beautifully and helps give a silky consistency.

If you have a hankering for something different altogether after Christmas is over, you may like to give our home-cured salmon with hot smoked salmon pate, pickles and rye bread a try. This impressive dish is a great recipe to know as it combines several useful techniques that can be used individually or together, for a fantastic dinner party starter or light supper throughout the year.