With a new year comes the season of resolutions, and whilst we’re not entirely against the notion of improving ourselves through body, mind and spirit, we think there’s a certain way to approach resolutions this January.

We’d like to focus on improving our overall wellbeing and happiness for 2020 through simple activities that boost our mood and nourish us from the inside out. Many of these resolutions are small hacks that are easy to do, without the need for expensive gym memberships, strict diets or huge commitments.

The aim is that when we reach the end of 2020, we realise how the little things can really make a big difference to our overall mood. And in a world that never switches off, these could be just the resolutions you need to feel more connected to yourself, your experience and your loved ones.

Read on to explore our resolutions for wellbeing and happiness.


Learn a new skill
With a new skills comes reams of new found confidence, so explore what’s local to you and see if there’s something that interests you. Our Cookery School and Garden Workshop could be a great place to start – with workshops for beginners and novices, all you have to do is pick an experience. Visit our Cookery School or Floristry Workshop for more information.


Get outdoors
Being in nature can be a tonic for mind, body and soul. Whether you go for a gentle walk to explore your local countryside or head out on a bike to feel the crisp outdoor air rushing past you, getting outdoors can invigorate you and is especially important during the winter when it’s so tempting to stay cooped up indoors. The Woodland TrusT has an encyclopedia of woodland walks – simply enter your postcode and discover a treasure trove of nature on your doorstep.


Cook mindfully
It’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of making and consuming rushed meals to fit into our busy schedules. In fact, we are busier than we’ve ever been as a society meaning that cooking and eating have taken the hit. For 2020, we’re encouraging a return to mindful cooking, using real, wholesome ingredients and rustling up nutritious meals that we can put real energy, time and focus into. This needn’t be complicated or difficult – explore our recipes section for inspiration.


Change up daily routine
Often we can get stuck in a routine before we realise that we’ve been in the same pattern for weeks, months or even years. Breaking this routine can give us a much needed confidence boost, opening us to new sights and experiences. So the next time you do your usual journey on the train or bus, why not get off one stop earlier? Or for those who commute by car, could you park in a different spot and head out on foot? You never know what you may find.


Get offline
In the digital age, face to face time spent with friends and family can often take the hit with many of us catching up over the phone or via messages. We want to encourage real face to face interactions – there are many studies showing that this boosts overall happiness levels, generating plenty of endorphins and confidence. The next time you reach for your phone to check how someone is, try organising a date to meet with them instead.


Buy fresh, organic and local
The issue of sustainability and protecting our planet isn’t going to go away, and one way we can make an impact to support our planet is to buy local, organic, fresh food that doesn’t hasn’t travelled halfway across the world. Part of this is living according to the seasons, so only eating what is meant to be ripe now, and cutting down on packaged food, too. Head to any of our farmshops to pick up vegetables that have been grown organically in our Cotswolds farm’s 28 acre Market Garden.


Spend time with furry friends
Interacting with animals is often reported to have a positive effect on mood and emotions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a pet at home – you could offer to walk a friend’s dog or head to your local farm and meet the animals or head to a local rescue centre. There are also several platforms that allow you to babysit pets including Borrow My Doggy and Pawshake which could fill the furry-shaped hole you might find yourself with.


Set yourself a monthly challenge
A monthly challenge could be a brilliant confidence boost. It doesn’t need to be a huge to count – anything like participating in your local karaoke night to doing the dance class you’ve been meaning to go to for years or complimenting a stranger could provide a much-needed boost. Once you’ve completed one month’s challenge, it might spur you on to complete the rest. You could also look at the challenge from a self-care angle, such as making time for a hot bath once a week or reading a book before bed. Get some inspiration here.


Retrain your brain
A tricky but important habit that is an essential part of our 2020 resolutions is retraining the brain to think more positively by default. It is incredibly easy and comforting to fall into negative thinking patterns, however if we add a positive affirmation to our daily routines this could help change our mindset to default into positive thinking rather than negative.


Don’t forget what counts
Improved wellbeing and happiness levels can easily be achieved by spending quality time with loved ones, whether that’s friends and family that you’re close with or haven’t seen for a long time. So, whilst we’re advocating small resolutions to boost your overall wellbeing, it’s important to remember that focusing on our loved ones can bring a great sense of satisfaction. You could even get them on board with the resolutions you plan to do, such as spending more time outdoors or cooking mindfully – these don’t have to be activities just for one.

Rather than getting caught up in demands for resolutions this January, take a look at how you can bring positive, mindful practices into your everyday life. Try them and see if you notice a difference, and cultivate the 2020 you so desire.