This week Dick Strawbridge makes a trip to our sister farm in Staffordshire. He visits our organic chickens to see how they are raised from day old chicks into fine birds giving us the tastiest chicken.  With this lovely warm weather, our butcher recommends spatchcock chicken, which can be cooked on your barbecue and served with some steamed asparagus and some new season Jersey Royals.

Jez and Dick harvest some market garden  chervil to be used in a stuffed breast of our lamb back in the Cookery School. Chervil, sometimes known as French Parsley has a faint taste or aniseed or liquorice which pairs particularly well with lamb as well as seafood.

Meanwhile, Dick’s son James plants willow with Tim, in our wetland area to help stop erosion of the river bank. James also takes to his out-door kitchen, rustling up cornbread with maple bacon and baked beans – a real Saturday morning breakfast treat. You can find the recipes on our Facebook page.