Join us on a tour of the most delicious sights, smells and tastes of spring.

Many people find their tastes and food cravings change according to the time of year. This is all part of living in tune with nature; with each new season comes an opportunity to choose the ingredients at their most flavourful and nutritious. Spring is synonymous with new life and this time of year is all about fresh, green flavours that wake up our senses and make us feel renewed.

The easiest way to fill your diet with a variety of local, organic, seasonal food is with our MARKET GARDEN VEG BOX, which brings fresh produce picked from our organic Market Garden in the Cotswolds to your door. Our online shop also stocks a variety of FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLES for you to add to your shopping basket.



Asparagus is not in season for very long so it’s a good idea to make the most of these firm, delicate spears while you can. We cannot grow asparagus on our Cotswold farm because our soil type is not suitable, but we stock delicious British asparagus from the Wye Valley.

Fresh asparagus is delicious simply boiled in salted water until tender, before being drizzled with some melted butter and sprinkled with sea salt, or with a dollop of hollandaise sauce. For something more substantial, add a poached egg on top; our BLUE LEGBAR EGGS are full of flavour and omega 3. You could even soft-boil the egg and use the asparagus spears as soldiers for dipping.

Asparagus contains more folic acid than any other vegetable and is also a source of fibre, potassium and vitamins A and C.

Read our blog about our top three BEST ASPARAGUS RECIPES and browse our RECIPE SECTION for even more ideas.


Wild garlic

Wild garlic is found in woodlands across the UK in spring. If you’re out for a walk, you will know when you have found some by the heady scent filling the air.

The wild garlic in Daylesford farm shops and Market Garden veg boxes is harvested from our Cotswolds estate. Try adding wild garlic to omelettes and frittatas or chop leaves finely to knead into pasta or bread dough. To enjoy this hyper seasonal ingredient for weeks after the last of the wild garlic is available, it is a good idea to make versatile pesto, mayonnaise or flavoured butter.

Find some of our best wild garlic recipes in this blog.

purple sprouting broccoli

The beautiful bunches of purple sprouting broccoli on our online shop and in our farmshops are grown in our organic Market Garden on the farm.

Every bit of the vegetable is edible; the tender stems, leaves and heads all offer a source of vitamin C.

Organic purple sprouting broccoli can be roasted, griddled, or steamed for a delicious side dish. Or try serving in salads, stir fries, pasta dishes or even as a PIZZA TOPPING.

This SATISFYING SALAD RECIPE of chargrilled purple sprouting broccoli with spiced cashew nut dressing is a delicious spring lunch or light supper, or combine purple sprouting broccoli with soft cheese and pastry for a delicious SAVOURY TART that is ideal for picnics.


Versatile rhubarb can melt into silky sweetness or provide a bracing, sharp crunch depending on how it is prepared.

For an elegant yet fun pudding, look no further than Rhubarb Queen of Puddings, always a popular choice in our organic cafés.