Spring, also known as the vernal equinox, isn’t just about the reawakening of nature; it is significant for our health and wellbeing, too. Here, our resident wellness expert Rhaya Jordan shares her spring wellness notes.

spring wellness

The vernal equinox is the beginning of spring – and spring is the beginning of everything. It is a time of renewal and shedding our winter skins as well as indulging in some of the newly emerging spring greens. It’s also important for us to detox our mental baggage as we enter this season of new energy. 

I recommend embracing the balance that the spring equinox symbolises, tuning more deeply into the season and aligning ourselves with a sense of renewal and rebirth. This can be achieved through supporting our health with nourishing foods and activities. 

Now is the time to think about detoxing our bodies rather than in January as many believe. In old naturopathic and Chinese philosophy, the vernal equinox is linked to the liver so cleansing it with green juices, light broths, skin brushing and salt scrubs is essential. 

Below are my top picks for liver-boosting foods this spring, so we can detox and partake properly in the joy of Easter and all of the new life that the vernal equinox brings.



As soon as the weather warms up, watercress will appear. It is one of the most nutritionally dense greens and a wonderful food for the liver. Try combining it with orange for a wonderful early spring salad, tossing in some almonds or pine nuts for that warming richer element we still need in early spring.

spring wellness



Chicory, radicchio and kale will still be in our gardens from the winter, so collect some of their tender leaves and add them to a salad. Nettle greens are at their best in early spring when they are sweet and tender – look out for them in hedgerows or at farmers’ markets and try making a nourishing nettle pesto.



spring wellness

One of the most humble yet often overlooked liver-boosting foods is a simple salad dressing. Olive oil is a wonderful antioxidant and when mixed with lemon, raw apple cider vinegar, a little raw honey and mustard, it makes a cleansing digestive tonic. 

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