Our resident nutritionist Rhaya Jordan on how our new supplement range can give a healthy, balanced diet a boost

Let’s be clear, nothing beats a varied diet of fresh, seasonal and nutrient-rich foods. However, as a nutritionist working in the real world, I must recognise that despite best intentions, we do not always have the opportunity to eat as well as we could every day.

The truth is that the modern world might be asking more of you than your food can give. Factors like stress, pollution, free radicals and preservatives can be difficult to avoid altogether and do take their toll on our health and wellbeing.

In these cases, quality supplements are there to help in areas you may be lacking. Chosen wisely, they can give you an edge by helping to reboost your energy, improve stamina and enhance performance. Taking supplements is a way to go beyond what even good food can give you, to help you get through long, demanding days

Daylesford is launching a specially curated range of supplements to reset, support and balance from within, helping you sustain a healthy lifestyle. They can be taken as they are, or used in juices, smoothies, porridge, soups and more.

Take a look at our recipe page for ideas and inspiration for how to incorporate supplements into your dishes.