The General Manager of our Pimlico farmshop, Will Dennis, has been a driving force of many of our sustainability projects at Daylesford. Now we are halfway through the year, he has shared an update on what we have achieved.

At Daylesford, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. This year we refreshed our sustainability principles and launched several projects to tackle the areas where we think we can do better. One of these areas, and arguably our biggest challenge, is waste. By 2020, we aim to send zero waste to landfill. In our stores, we have been segregating recycling and donating food waste to charity for years but have also generated a significant amount of general waste from sources such as packaging, leftover food from our café and disposable coffee cups.

Since the 1st of April 2018, we have been segregating all of our food waste from our cafés, kitchens and fresh food displays in the farmshops and sending it away for anaerobic digestion where it is converted to renewable energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser. In the first month we diverted 364kg of food trimmings and bones from landfill to anaerobic digestion, producing 1,700kWh of energy – enough to run one of our London farmshops for a day.

As well as redirecting our non-edible food waste, we are also tackling sources of non-recyclable waste. The biggest culprit here is packaging and delivery materials. Earlier this year we completed a full review of the packaging that we use in our products and by 2019 we aim to make 100% of our packaging either reusable, recyclable or compostable. Since April we have been collecting all shrink wrap from our deliveries and returning it to our warehouse operators for baling and recycling, saving 75kg of waste per month from landfill. Perhaps even more rewarding is the ripple effect this has had with our contractors, who not only agreed to take on this challenge but have adopted the practice for all their other clients.  We are also challenging our suppliers to operate more sustainably, and now receive all our fruit, vegetables and fish in recyclable or reusable containers.

Coffee cups form a huge part of the wider global waste crisis, and as a takeaway coffee retailer we have not ignored our contribution to this. This year we have started to reward customers who bring their own cup by giving them 50p off their hot drink, and all of our store colleagues have been provided with reusable cups. We have already saved 11,600 cups from landfill and we are currently trialling a new coffee cup recycling scheme.

We are confident that with the support of our customers, colleagues and suppliers we will achieve all of our goals and remain one of the UK’s most sustainable businesses.

These initiatives support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.