The Cookery School at Daylesford is incredibly passionate about sustainability, which has resulted in winning THE UK’S MOST SUSTAINABLE COOKERY SCHOOL by The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), of which we are incredibly proud.

The role of The Cookery School is to share the story of our food with our guests and our drive to be as sustainable as possible stems from a respect for the environment around us, as well as those who grow, rear and make our food.

While teaching on the farm in Kingham, we ensure that we use as little paper, energy and water as possible, whilst trying to eradicate waste wherever we can through the reduction of bins and thorough composting and recycling. We only use fish landed in British ports and make sure that as many of our ingredients are organic as is possible.

In addition, this summer we taught over 500 students at the Wilderness Festival on the Cornbury Estate. We were conscious of the fact that festivals can often be wasteful, and therefore set out to only create one bag of rubbish per day. In actual fact, we only created just under two bags over all four days with our remaining waste either recycled or composted, something that the whole team is incredibly proud of.

Next year, we are planning something that will dramatically increase our sustainability and further reduce our use of resources so please follow our progress on our website to find out more.

Until then, we look forward to welcoming you to The Cookery School: feel free to browse our courses to see if you might like to join us soon.