Easter is a time when single-use plastic wrapping appears everywhere, used to cover and protect delicate chocolate eggs and sweet treats. Most of this finds its way into landfill, having a detrimental impact on our environment. We knew this was a challenge we wanted to address and having discovered a sustainable alternative overseas, decided to be the first to bring it to market in the UK.



We are thrilled to announce that as part of Daylesford’s sustainability goal to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging across the business, our Easter product range this year is packaged almost entirely from compostable and recyclable materials. This is part of our recent initiative to replace all single-use plastic, used for packing food products, with compostable alternatives made from paper or biodegradable plant-based film. 



Our packaging and sustainability teams have been working hard, carefully looking at how we package each product and asking how we can make changes to ensure that each component we use is as sustainable as possible and has the least possible impact on the future health of our planet.

Our new non-GM biodegradable bags are made from wood pulp, sourced from responsibly managed plantations and are certified compostable – suitable for disposal in your garden waste bin. The packaging is still incredibly functional, keeping food fresh and so avoiding wastage or spoiling.

Sourcing and developing this new material has enabled us to implement a rapid phase-out of single use plastic bags – displacing over 25,000 in our first trials over Christmas and Easter. As we renew packaging orders and continue to phase out single-use plastics across the business, this will displace 100,000 plastic bags each year.

For Easter this year, we briefed our third-party suppliers to stop using their own plastic bags, insisting they switch to our new compostable variety – which we supplied straight to them – thus meaning a further reduction of non-recyclable plastic. We also shared details of the new materials we use and technical information with a number of organic suppliers, enabling knowledge sharing across the industry.


This initiative is part of our wider drive to fulfil our sustainability goals throughout the business: to achieve zero food waste, use clean energy, package lightly, source responsibly and protect our vital pollinators. Find out more about sustainability at Daylesford and our latest projects here.

If you’re visiting our farmshops this Easter season you will be able to buy delicious gifts and seasonal treats from our range, with the knowledge that the plant-based packaging used to keep them fresh is having the least possible impact on the environment. From clutches of hand-painted chocolate eggs to praline farmyard animals and iced-shortbread biscuits, they are not only made from organic ingredients, but packaged with thought and care.

This initiative supports SDG12, Responsible Consumption and Production from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.