After an extraordinary start to the year and amid concerns about an impending climate crisis, Organic September is a timely opportunity to reflect on what the global pandemic has taught us and how we might be able to move forwards.

We are more thankful than ever for those who work so hard to feed the nation. With this gratitude in mind, coupled with the worrying headlines on climate, biodiversity and extinction as a result of David Attenborough’s latest documentary, we are mindful of the importance of choosing carefully and consciously for our own wellbeing and that of the planet. Nobody knows what the coming months and years have in store, but we can be certain that supporting local, seasonal and sustainable food systems is the best way to safeguard our future.

We invited some leading figures to discuss British food, farming, the health of our nation and of course, the impact of choosing organic. Our resident Environmental Scientist Tim Field spoke with Henry Dimbleby, founder of Leon restaurants and The Sustainable Restaurant Association about his National Food Strategy and what the food system of the future might look like (watch the full interview here).

One of the conclusions they reached was the positive effect of eating more vegetables and less, but better quality, meat. We have long advocated this approach at Daylesford, where we know just how much hard work goes into every mouthful of food. Every day, our organic farmers, producers, growers, artisans and chefs devote precious skill, time and effort to ensure our farmshops and cafés are a celebration of the freshest, most nutritious organic, sustainable and seasonal food available.

Our DAYLESFORD CLASSICS range is a carefully curated selection of items that represent what we stand for at Daylesford: living in harmony with nature, with sustainable values and ethical practices.


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