In high summer, our farmshop shelves are filled with juicy berries, ripe tomatoes and verdant greens, while our butcher’s counters display cuts of high quality meat that are perfect for cooking over hot coals.

This time of year is an invitation to embrace the best of British summer: light, fresh flavours that sing of warmer weather and balmy evenings.

Join us on a tour of our favourite summer flavours, with plenty of ideas on new ways to enjoy them.


Strawberries are synonymous with the British summer. Sweet, juicy and delicious, they are also high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Perfect just as they are as a delicious snack, or as part of a picnic or a delicious breakfast. A classic pairing is to slice and serve with double cream or ice cream. To ring the changes and enhance the fruit’s natural tangy sweetness and glossy red colour, sprinkle with a little quality balsamic vinegar and a pinch of sugar and leave to macerate. Try our recipe for strawberry and yoghurt cheesecake jars – perfect for taking on picnics. Or be inspired by our Cookery School Tutors, who have shared their favourite ways to use this summer berry in this Three ways with blog post.

Our Head Gardener Jez shares his top tips for growing and managing your own crop of strawberries in this video on our Instagram channel.

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Daylesford’s founder Carole Bamford has said, “there’s nothing better than a fresh summer radish”.

We quite agree. These crunchy, peppery root vegetables are delicious just as they are, sliced or shredded into salads and sandwiches, or as a punchy accompaniment to chargrilled meats on the barbecue such as in our barbecued fillet of beef recipE.

If you have only ever tried radishes raw, we urge you to discover how delicious they are roasted, grilled or pickled. It really is worth experimenting with this underrated and surprisingly versatile root.

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Our Market Garden team grows more than 40 varieties of heritage tomatoes, nurturing over 3,500 plants to give us the most sensational, sweet, organic fruit. We always look forward to the colourful mixed punnets arriving in our farmshops – and they are now available to buy online.

If you are growing your own, be sure to watch Jez’s video on Sideshooting & Supporting Tomatoes over on our IGTV channel.

Our recipe for heritage tomato salad with green tapenade proves that opposites attract: the zip of the caper, anchovies, garlic and herbs in the dressing is a perfect foil for the fruity sweetness of ripe tomatoes.

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COURGETTES, mange tout & green beans

Although it is now possible to buy these crops year-round, nothing compares to the eating experience when these fresh crops are picked at their best and eaten immediately.

Celebrate the simplicity of picnic food by preparing a platter with piles of crunchy raw vegetables with dips, or try our CHICKEN SALAD WITH CHARRED COURGETTES as a perfect light supper to enjoy outdoors in the setting sun.

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organic meat

Choosing high-welfare, pasture raised meat for your barbecue is the best option for both taste and health reasons. 

We can assure the complete provenance of the meat from our farm, from pasture to plate.

Our grass-fed rare and native breeds are naturally suited to Daylesford’s traditional, low-impact, high-welfare organic farming methods. We even built our own abattoir to ensure the highest welfare and reduce food miles. Our animals mature slowly, in harmony with their true nature and nourishing the soil they roam on – keeping our British countryside diverse and thriving.

Our organic barbecue meats are prepared with cooking outdoors over hot coals in mind.

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One of the best ways to keep your diet in step with nature is with our seasonal Market Garden veg box, which brings a selection of the freshest seasonal produce straight from our organic Cotswolds farm to your door.

The organic vegetables, fruits, and salad leaves are grown, nurtured and hand-picked by our specialist Market Garden team. We only harvest when each ingredient is fully ripe and therefore packed full of delicious flavour and optimum nutrition.

Our Head Gardener Jez and his team grow many unusual heritage varieties in our Market Garden, which you may not be able to find elsewhere.

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