Decorating your home for the festive period does take time, but think of the process as a pleasurable, mindful exercise to get you into the celebratory spirit rather than a chore.


From the arrangement of the first ornament until the moment the seasons change, your embellished home will enhance the mood and wellbeing of everyone who enters. Begin with a glass of Prosecco, put some music on and let your creativity flow!

Look to nature for inspiration

At Daylesford we are always inspired by nature and this Christmas you can expect our farmshops and cafés to be decorated with an abundance of evergreen foliage, inside and out. This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to surround yourself with beauty; a special occasion to embrace excess with lavish floral arrangements, rich jewel tones and stylish embellishments.

Adorning tabletops, bookshelves, mantlepieces, door frames and staircases with generously proportioned winter branches and garlands gives a spectacular effect. You can even pop some pretty twigs into the wrapping paper of presents under the tree.

Bergamot DiffuserThink of the senses:

Consider each of the five senses as you decorate and try to make every sense feel pampered with favourite festive sights, smells, sounds, textures and tastes. Creating an immersive experience in this way will make guests feel uplifted and joyful.

Hang a wreath:

If you are expecting visitors over the festive period, make them feel as though they are guests of honour from the moment they arrive. Hang a stunning wreath* on the front door and offer drinks as soon as people have taken their coats off.


When the time comes to gather around the table for a feast, we love the contrast of pure white marble

against intense jewel tones, such as our wine cooler and salt & pepper cellars with our evergreen tiller tablecloth and napkins. Add a touch of sparkle with pretty glasses to catch the light: our striped humbug anise glasses are charming, chic and fun.


The dining table is another opportunity to evoke the natural world; lush green leaves strewn between plates or arranged as a centerpiece look wonderful. Take this theme further by tucking pretty twigs and stems into napkins on the dining table.