In 2017 we started growing organic cut flowers for the first time in the Market Garden. We invested in new polytunnels to protect delicate blooms from the elements and created a plant nursery for raising cut flower crops or pot plants for the Daylesford Garden shop.

This was a big change for a space that has always specialised in edible crops, but we wanted to shake things up in the UK cut flower industry, which is dominated by overseas imports from non-organic production systems.

In contrast, at Daylesford we grow native varieties using sustainable methods on our organic farm in the Cotswolds.

The first year of growing focused on tulips; in 2017 our garden team planted twenty thousand organic tulip bulbs of 24 different varieties. 

We now grow over 100 different varieties of annuals, biennials, bulbs, herbaceous perennials, peonies and roses including white and blue muscari, narcissi, bridal crown, frittilary, anemone, prunus, tulips and much more.

Our blooms tend to have bigger flower heads, longer stems and more daring colours compared to mainstream, imported varieties; Jez’s favourite is “Burning Heart”, a pure white tulip with a striking flash of crimson whereas Kim Robinson, our Lead Florist favours the parrot tulip’s beautiful colours and textures. As Kim says, “Nature is capable of such incredible things and it is a joy for us to be able to grow local, sustainable flowers right here on the farm for our floristry courses, planters and arrangements.”

Our floristry team love working with our homegrown flowers and many of the bouquets you can find in our Garden Shop at the farm feature them exclusively. At special times of year such as Mothering Sunday, our florists send bouquets to our London farmshops, so more people can enjoy these stunning arrangements.