As with so many things in life, variety and balance are key when assembling a perfect cheeseboard in the winter months.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on just three or four high-quality cheeses. One should be a firm cheese, one should be something soft and creamy, and one should be blue – plus accompaniments such as moreish crackers, tangy preserves, palate-cleansing fresh fruit and perhaps a nip of port or sherry.

We always start with a full-bodied Cheddar, the heart and soul of our Creamery at Daylesford and the first cheese we started making. Our award- winning organic Cheddar has a powerful strength and long-lasting finish that is sublime paired with our manuka honey oatcakes and farmhouse chutney. Our organic Double Gloucester is a hard cheese with a mellow, delicate flavour that is an intriguing counterpoint to the punch of the Cheddar.

When choosing a soft cheese, we often turn to Adlestrop, with its pleasingly creamy, semi-soft texture and mild, buttery avour. Our Daylesford Blue is silky, rich and creamy with a wonderful balance of potency and finesse – a winter-time favourite for good reason.

Visit our cheese counters at Daylesford farmshops in London and the Cotswolds for advice on the many organic and British cheeses we specialise in, and how to build your perfect cheeseboard.