our farmshops

Are you open?


Our FARMSHOPS in London and the Cotswolds are open. Here you will find an array of organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish, store cupboard staples, freshly baked bread and more.

In the Cotswolds, our Garden Room and Homeware areas are open every day from 8am-5pm. Our Homeware areas in each of our London farmshops are now also open.


Our cafés and restaurants are now also open. Please see below for further details.

Our Cotswolds Shepherd’s Hut will be serving takeaway drinks, waffle cones and potted desserts from 11am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Takeaway breakfasts and pizzas are available in the Cotswolds from The Old Spot.

Across our London farmshops, our food-to-go counters are also open with delivery options, including freshly baked sourdough pizzas, available via Deliveroo.


Our Cookery School in the Cotswolds is open. For further details CLICK HERE.

Our Floristry Workshops is open. For further information click here.

The Wild Rabbit, our modern British inn in the village of Kingham is open and available for bookings. For further information CLICK HERE.

Our BAMFORD WELLNESS SPA in the Cotswolds is open. All appointments must be pre-booked in advance, please note we will not be accepting walk-ins. At this time we will be offering a reduced treatment menu excluding facials. Our therapists have received additional training on health & safety protocol and will be provided with additional safety equipment to wear during all appointments. You can learn more about the measurements we have put in place HERE. Our indoor yoga studio remains closed at this time. Visit our online classes page to browse our virtual class schedule and book your place HERE.

Bamford stores in London and the Cotswolds are open.

Please help us observe social distancing guidelines when visiting.

Please find further details on each of our farmshop locations and opening hours here.

Do you offer online orders and food deliveries?

If you prefer to arrange delivery to your door, our ONLINE SHOP is open and delivers to all UK mainland addresses.

If you live near any of our LOCAL FARMSHOPs,  our staff can pack your groceries for collection or  deliver to your home via our DAYLESFORD DELIVERED service.

Customers in London can also order via DELIVEROO.

Please see the “Delivery” section below for further details.

Are your loos open?

The loo facilities in our Kingham and London farmshops are open.

Are there any restrictions for people wishing to visit your farmshops?

We are are only able to accommodate tables of up to 6 guests and are offering table service only.

All of our farmshops in London and the Cotswolds have a maximum number of customers allowed in at any one time, with a limit of x2 customers only per household or car.

We are accepting cashless payments only.

We ask all of our customers to wash or sanitise their hands upon entering and to observe social distancing guidelines.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms (persistent cough, fever) or have come into close contact with someone displaying these symptoms, please refrain from visiting.


Are dogs allowed?

We do not allow dogs in our London farmshops or cafés. We do however have ‘dog parking’ areas outside each of our farmshops.

In the Cotswolds, before the pandemic, we did allow dogs in some of our café and outdoor dining areas. However, due to new space restrictions, we are unable to allow dogs into any of the farmshop areas at this time. Our ‘dog parking’ lawn at the front of the farmshop will however be available. We will review this policy in the coming weeks and as we navigate this new chapter.

Do I need to wear a face covering while shopping?

In line with the latest government guidelines, we require that all those visiting the retail areas of our farmshops wear a face covering.

All Daylesford staff members in our retail areas and those managing our deli counters will be wearing a face covering.


Are your cafés open?

Our cafés and dining spaces in London and the Cotswolds are now open. We will be serving brunch, drinks and dishes from our specials blackboard from 8am – 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday and from 10am – 3:30pm on Sundays.

We have completed a full Risk Assessment in our cafés to ensure everyone’s safety; please find more details on what to expect below.

Do I need to book a table?

Tables both inside and outside our farmshop cafés in London and the Cotswolds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Booking is not required or available. We will run a waitlist during busier times if necessary.

Though we have rearranged our dining spaces to allow for social distancing, we are hopeful that we will be able to seat all guests in a timely fashion.

What should we expect now that your cafés have reopened?

We have prepared a new table and service plan in line with social distancing guidelines.

Our menus are available online for guests to browse with their own devices. We have made accessing our free wifi easier, with no passwords or login needed. For those who prefer printed menus, we will of course have some available.

Loo facilities will display clear signage about social distancing and hand washing. Our staff will regularly clean these facilities, including the sanitising of handles, taps and surfaces. Hand soap and sanitiser will be replenished throughout the day.

As always, glassware, cutlery and crockery will be cleaned and sanitised after each use. Tables, chairs, tabletop items such as salt and pepper mills and card machines will be cleaned and sanitised after each use too.

Our tables have been rearranged and will now include a delivery area at one end, where our servers will place food & drinks for customers to retrieve. Any items you would like to be removed, such as empty plates or glasses, may be placed onto the delivery table for our servers to clear or re-order.

Some of our locations will have additional measures in place such as designated entry and exit points. Our team is on hand to advise and answer any questions about the Risk Assessment.

Do I need to wear a face covering while dining?

In line with the latest government guidelines, we will be asking guests to wear a face covering except when seated.

Face coverings will be optional for Daylesford staff members working in our cafés and dining spaces.

Are you taking part in Eat Out to Help Out?

We supported the Eat Out To Help Out campaign across all our café and dining areas in both London and the Cotswolds in August 2020.

Eat Out To Help Out has been extended at our Pimlico farmshop only throughout September 2020, offering 50% off your café bill (up to a maximum of £10 pp, inclusive of VAT). The offer is available throughout the day, Monday-Wednesday on food and soft drinks (not alcohol or takeaway food).


Is your Cookery School Open?

With a range of SAFETY MEASURE implemented, our COOKERY SCHOOL classes are now taking place for up to 8 guests at a time, or for exclusive group bookings.

A number of our courses such as FIRE PIT COOKING and MARKET GARDEN GATHER & COOK will be largely held outside in our Market Garden, with many of our courses including a tour of our gardens and farmland.

It is our hope that we can offer a space and a learning environment for children, families and adults alike to come and discover good food, how it is produced and the route it takes to reach our plates.

To view our courses click here.

Are you running Events and Workshops?

Oour FLORISTRY WORKSHOPS are now hosted in a new teepee in the heart of our organic cutting garden.

Surrounded by rows and beds of roses, dahlias, sweet peas, cosmos, delphiniums and so much more, there is no better place to come to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the art of floristry.

Floristry guests are not required to wear a face covering during our workshops but are more than welcome to do so if they prefer.

The following additional safety measures are in place:

  • Maximum of 5 guests allowed on each course, excluding tutors
  • Social distancing of 2 metres apart to be observed at all times
  • Hand sanitiser to be provided at the entrance and at every workstation
  • The sides and doors of the teepee remain open at all times
  • Our tutors wear masks and maintain a minimum of 2 meters distance at all times
  • Guests are not facing one another at their workstations

Further information and booking details can be found HERE.

We hope to run a number of EVENTS across London and the Cotswolds, either in line with government advice on social distancing or virtually. Please see here for our calendar of what’s on.

We will be looking to make some of the resources from these events available online so please continue to check our website and our INSTAGRAM feed.

What events and workshops are you running online?

We are trying to put as many resources from our regular events online, so please continue to check this page and our INSTAGRAM feed.

Our regular Book Club is now being held over Zoom – find out more about joining IN HERE.

The Bamford Wellness Spa has created a virtual class schedule with their practitioners in the Cotswolds; click here to browse and book your place.

Stay with us

Is it possible to book accommodation?

Bookings can be made online or by contacting The Wild Rabbit team by phone or EMAIL.

A home away from home, a stay with us at Daylesford includes a host of options; a cosy room in the heart of THE WILD RABBIT pub, a peaceful cottage in KINGHAM VILLAGE or a farmhouse feel in one of our FARM COTTAGES right here at Daylesford. Our Cottages are let on a self-catering and self-service basis.

If you are staying with us in either our rooms or cottages, please note we cannot accommodate group bookings of more than 6 people.

We kindly ask all guests provide a health declaration in advance of arrival. This will be emailed to you as part of the pre-arrival planning.

What is your accommodation cancellation policy?

All accommodation bookings can be cancelled or transferred up to 72 hours prior to arrival.

If you need to cancel your booking within 72 hours of arrival for COVID-19 related reasons, we can transfer your booking to another suitable date, however rates may differ between dates.

Click here for our full booking terms and conditions. We shall continue to apply discretion and flexibility to ensure that you feel confident in planning your stay with us.


Where do you deliver?

Items ordered through our ONLINE SHOP can be delivered to addresses throughout mainland UK.

Our DAYLESFORD DELIVERED service is for addresses within a 10 mile radius of our farmshops in London and the Cotswolds.

Customers in London can also order food and groceries from Daylesford via Deliveroo.

What safety measures are you implementing for deliveries?

Deliveries will be packed in line with government advice for food businesses. Delivery drivers have stopped any customer contact, such as no longer asking for signatures.

health & safety

What are your staff doing to keep themselves and others safe?

We have conducted comprehensive Risk Assessments across all of our locations in London and the Cotswolds. You can view our Risk Assessment document HERE.

All of our staff have access to hand washing facilities and are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and often – this is key as the government continues to confirm that hand washing is the single best control measure to prevent contamination.

We have invested in hand sanitisers as additional safeguarding measures. All Daylesford staff members in our retail areas and those managing our deli counters will be wearing a face covering. Face coverings will be optional for Daylesford staff members working in our cafés and dining spaces.

Our staff are required to follow an illness reporting procedure should they have any symptoms, in line with industry standards.

Our team is working hard to follow important safety guidelines. Please treat them with respect; we will not tolerate any abuse.

What measures are you taking to keep food production processes safe?

There are already strict hygiene rules around the production of food in this country which all food businesses must follow.

These existing hygiene controls are designed to prevent contamination of the food by any pathogens, and will therefore also aim at preventing contamination of the food by the virus responsible for COVID-19.

What measures are being taken to clean your farmshops?

We continue to clean our farmshops and public spaces regularly and thoroughly, in line with current advice, environmental controls and our existing food hygiene practices. Viruses like COVID-19 are easily killed by routine cleaning procedures such as ours.

What is the risk of getting COVID-19 from food packaging?

Although a recent study showed the causal agent of COVID-19 could persist for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to several days on hard surfaces such as steel and plastics in experimental settings (e.g. controlled relative humidity and temperature), there is no evidence that contaminated packages, which have been exposed to different environmental conditions and temperatures, transmit the infection.

Nonetheless, individuals handling packaging, including consumers, should adhere to the guidance of public health authorities regarding good hygiene practices, including regular and effective hand-washing.

What is the risk of transferring the virus from person-to-foods/catching COVID-19 from food?

According to food safety agencies in the EU, it is very unlikely that you can catch COVID-19 from handling food. There is currently no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the virus.

The World Health Organization similarly advises that the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low. The risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also very low. However if you have concerns you could wash or safely dispose of external food packaging before storing it in your home.

As is the case for any contact surface contaminated by an infected person, be it a door handle or another surface, food could also lead to indirect contamination through touching it. This is why everybody should follow the recommendations of public health authorities on the washing of hands.