The first Daylesford Discusses event of 2018 saw our expert panel examine what must be done both at home and in the wider world to build a more sustainable way of life to safeguard our future.

Earlier this week a crowd gathered in our Pimlico farmshop to hear an expert panel discuss this huge and important issue and ask questions. So much amazing knowledge was shared on topics including individual efforts, conscious consumption, reducing your footprint and more that we wanted to recap some of the key points from each of the panellists, with helpful links.

If you would like to watch the discussion in full, you can do so over on our Facebook page.

The next Daylesford Discusses event is on Monday 5th March at our Notting Hill farmshop and will explore how to include less meat in our diets. It’s free to attend and we hope you can come along.

Kate Arnell from Eco Boost

  • Kate explained the five Rs of zero waste and the importance of following them in order rather than jumping ahead: refuse, reduce, reuse/repair, recycle, rot
  • Just start! Begin with small, easy changes so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can focus on your own habits and behaviours
  • She recommended Recycle Now as a useful resource
  • If you’re interested in refillable items, Reyouzable is a newly launched, London-based service offering a growing selection of refillable items delivered to your door. Similar services are launching or have launched in other areas; check out Charlotte’s Cupboard, JarFull, and Zero Waste Club
  • Kate mentioned the issue of microfiber pollution, here’s a recent article in The Guardian.
  • View some of Kate’s videos on her YouTube channel here 

Hermione Taylor from Do Nation

  • Hermione talked about the huge impact that individuals can have and how pledging to adjust your existing habits can lead to real change
  • “Veg out” is one of the most popular pledges out of Do Nation’s 57 options. It means eating more vegetables and less meat in your diet. Doesn’t need to be going vegan or vegetarian; you can be a weekday vegetarian 
  • She mentioned this TED talk about the Weekday Vegetarian  
  • Hermione advises talking about any pledges you are making and sharing stories with others, you never know who you will inspire.

Rhaya Jordan, resident nutritionist at Daylesford

  • A key point from Rhaya was that if you want to improve your sustainability and health, start by going after easy wins or “low hanging fruit”. Removing food on the go from your diet is a great starting point; food-to-go tends to be covered in plastic and not as nourishing as home-cooked food made ahead.
  • Start reviving practices from not long ago e.g. buying seasonal and local food
  • Eat the Seasons is a great inspiration for eating seasonally
  • Rhaya is hosting free Wellness Workshops at Daylesford Marylebone on 12th February, at our Cotswolds farmshop on 21st February and at Daylesford Notting Hill on 14th March and hopes you can come along.

Tim Field, Environmental Scientist and Head of Sustainability at Daylesford

  • Choosing organic where you can is the single most important thing you can do to support sustainable agriculture
  • To help empower you to make informed purchasing decisions, get a deeper knowledge of farming practices around the UK and discover more about how agriculture is changing for the better at Agricology
  • The Sustainable Food Trust website is a brilliant resource for the latest issues. Their recent report The Hidden Cost of UK Food is recommended reading and here is Daylesford’s blog responding to it.
  • Daylesford works with a conscience to make real food with the simplest ingredients, better for our wellbeing, our soil and our future…and we have only just begun. Here are our sustainability pledges for the future.