2013 has been a busy year for the Daylesford Foundation as it matures into a new phase of grant giving. This new chapter, headed by a Grants Programme launched at the start of the year, encourages enterprising projects and charitable entrepreneurs to come forward with pioneering ideas to get children and young people skilled and better informed around food, growing and the countryside.

The Foundation’s website has full details of its revised focus, the process by which potential partners can apply, and updates from our current project partners. A Grants Board meets twice a year to discuss the grant applications and award those that best fit with the Foundation’s priorities.

The Grants Board, comprised of Trustees Carole Bamford, Alice Bamford, Environmental Scientist Tim Field, and well known foodies Rose Prince and Ewan Venters, have welcomed a number of excellent initiatives to the table. After a difficult selection process the Foundation whittled the excellent applications down to four new projects. The result? Successful new relationships with Garden Organic, The Food For Life Partnership, School Food Matters and The Country Trust.

The Daylesford Foundation is always on the look out for an enterprising, pioneering project to support. If you know of a deserving cause, please do take a look at the website and application procedure. We want to find and nurture the talent of the future so everyone can enjoy and cook, grow or farm sustainable food.