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Activities & Events this Weekend
20th September 2019 — 22nd September 2019

Reasons to visit Daylesford in London and the Cotswolds this weekend    


September 2019

Activities & Events this Weekend — 20th September 2019

Reasons to visit Daylesford in London and the Cotswolds this weekend    

The Cookery School: Sustainable Seafood: Cotswolds — 20th September 2019

SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD is one of our most popular skills based course, allowing our guests to gain a real insight into an area of cookery which can sometimes be a little tricky to master. Even though fish and shellfish are a firm favourite for many on restaurant menus, the preparation and cooking of these delicious, delicate ingredients can be a […]

Daylesford Harvest Festival 2019 — 21st September 2019

Register for free Download festival map & programme We’re delighted to be holding the Daylesford Harvest Festival again this September. As the leaves turn golden and temperatures gently cool down, we take this day to honour the abundance of delicious seasonal produce available during autumn in an activity-filled day on our Cotswolds Farm. Our Harvest Festival […]

The Cookery School: The Complete Larder: Cotswolds — 27th September 2019

A well stocked larder is something that all cooks should try and build up. It helps create dishes easily and with little notice as you have delicious ingredients to turn to immediately. Using seasonal gluts and a variety of preservation, sterilization and fermentation methods, we will give you some interesting larder ideas and recipes to […]


October 2019

The Cookery School: Ferments To Eat & Drink: Cotswolds — 4th October 2019

Join us for this half day introduction to fermented food and drinks, exploring the history of fermented foodstuffs such as KOMBUCHA, kimchi, kvass and berry sauces over a series of tasters, demonstrations and hands-on sessions with our tutors. With the chance to make your own ferments such as KEFIR or sauerkraut, you can also expect to try a […]

The Daylesford Wellness Retreat — 4th October 2019

Nurture, nourish and restore: Three day wellness retreat in the Cotswolds. Inspired by the rhythms of the seasons and the healing powers of nature, The Daylesford Wellness Retreat has been created to nurture, nourish and restore as we transition into autumn. As the season of harvest and gratitude, autumn is a time of transformation after […]

The Cookery School: The Vegan Kitchen: Cotswolds — 10th October 2019

Balanced nutrition, ANIMAL WELFARE and PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT have always been topics of enormous concern to us at DAYLESFORD. In recent years, more people have been inspired to examine their eating habits and movements such as veganism, vegetarianism, flexitarianism and others have grown. This brand new, full-day course provides a comprehensive overview on sustainable, plant-based foods that will inspire […]

The Cookery School: Mighty Spices & Herbs: Cotswolds — 17th October 2019

Spices have long been celebrated for their health benefits, in Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western cuisines and holistic practices. This half day course in will explore the recipes and thinking behind the use of spices to aid healing and good digestion as well as their anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial effects on blood sugar and longevity. Over […]

The Cookery School: Budding & Junior Chef’s: Cotswolds — 23rd October 2019

Our children’s cookery classes provide the perfect introduction to cookery for children aged between 5 and 12 years old, inspiring them to think about where their food comes from as we explain the story of our organic FARM and MARKET GARDEN, getting them hands-on creating their own dishes with delicious, seasonal ingredients. Beginning with an introduction to Daylesford […]


November 2019

The Cookery School: Seasonal Dinner Party: Cotswolds — 6th November 2019

Ever popular, our SEASONAL DINNER PARTY course will give you the confidence to cook delicious seasonal recipes for dinner parties, or any occasion, that will impress your guests on all fronts with presentation, taste and timing. Our recipes focus on ingredients and preparation techniques that allow you to spend time with your guests rather than locked away […]

The Cookery School: Feed Your Body & Mind: Cotswolds — 14th November 2019

Eating well has a huge effect both on how we feel and how our brains and bodies function. FEED YOUR BODY & MIND will explore the relationship between good nutrition and our well-being, taking a look at which foods can enhance our mood and help us feel at our best. We will look at the roles of […]

The Cookery School: Feather & Fur: Game Preparation: Cotswolds — 22nd November 2019

Join us at the Daylesford COOKERY SCHOOL for this full day learning how to prepare and cook a selection of game from our 2350-acre Cotswolds Estate. We are lucky enough to have a bountiful larder right on our doorsteps and are passionate about making use of the wild food all around us from venison to partridge, mallard, […]

The Cookery School: Winter Comfort Food: Cotwolds — 29th November 2019

We naturally crave comforting foods to warm ourselves from within – but these can be so much more than uninspiring bland, rib-sticking stodge. Come and learn how to take a fresh look at warming foods and hearty dishes to aid rest and rejuvenation at the time of year traditionally associated with hibernation. On this full-day […]


December 2019

The Cookery School: The Perfect Christmas Table: Cotswolds — 6th December 2019

Join us in the Daylesford COOKERY SCHOOL this December for a course designed to inspire you with festive ideas to make your Christmas Table sparkle. From mulled drinks to stunning centerpieces, delicious sweet treats and nibbles, as well as tips and techniques for the all important turkey, this is a must for anyone taking the helm in the kitchen […]

The Cookery School: Eat To Be Healthy: Cotswolds — 11th December 2019

Health and nutrition has always been very close to our hearts, and to those of our customers. This new addition to our course calendar will celebrate delicious, seasonal recipes that are naturally free of refined sugars, dairy and wheat flour. Whether you suffer from intolerances, are following a specific dietary regime or are simply taking […]

The Cookery School: Smoke Without Fire – Christmas Barbecue: Cotswolds — 20th December 2019

Cooking on the barbecue can often be a daunting task, with many people apprehensive about going beyond burgers and sausages. This full day course is designed to inspire you with confidence and ideas to take your Al Fresco eating to the next level, cooking and sampling organic meat and vegetables from our FARM and MARKET GARDEN. Whether you’re […]

The Cookery School: Show-Stopping Canapés: Cotswolds — 29th December 2019

Ever popular, our canapé classes at The Cookery School are always a sell out. Whether to kick off a dinner party or as the main event to accompany drinks, canapés are the first morsel your guests will try and a great chance to make an impression. Throughout this fun morning, we will arm you with skills […]


March 2020

The Wellness Retreat at Daylesford — 13th March 2020

Save the date for our Spring Wellness Retreat, held at Daylesford Kingham from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March 2020. Set in the tranquil surroundings of our organic Cotswolds farm, we have curated this bespoke experience to nurture, nourish and restore you from the inside out and over the course of the weekend you’ll enjoy […]

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