To celebrate the recent publication of his book, Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well, Satish Kumar will be holding a talk at our Pimlico farmshop. A former monk and long term peace and environmental activist, Satish has compiled five decades of learnings and wisdom into a guide for pursuing a life that benefits all of us.

Opening a conversation about the need for material possessions, Elegant Simplicity explores ideas of happiness, based on thought, spirit and doing positive things for ourselves and the world around us, and how to find fulfilment in a simple life. The talk will be followed by a book signing, where guests can meet and talk to Satish.

About Satish Kumar:

Satish Kumar has been a driving force behind the global agenda for change over the last 50 years. After embarking on an 8,000 mile pilgrimage in 1973, he settled in the UK and became Editor at Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine. Today, he is the UK’s longest serving magazine editor alongside being on the advisory board of Our Future Planet, founding the Schumacher College and The Small School, and authoring several books and the documentary Earth Pilgrim.

DATE: Thursday 5th September 2019

EVENT: Daylesford Pimlico, 44B Pimlico Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 8LP

TIMINGS: 3.30-5pm

PRICE: Free to attend

BOOKING: No booking required