Making & decorating ceramic workshop with Kana London: Pimlico | Daylesford
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Making & decorating ceramic workshop with Kana London: Pimlico
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Making & decorating ceramic workshop with Kana London: Pimlico

10th May 2019

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Join Ana Kerin from Kana London for this two-hour workshop to get your hands dirty with clay, while learning a classic hand building pinching technique to make a set of two salt and pepper pinch bowls with matching serving spoons.   These will be glazed by the Kana team in a snow white glaze.

The second part of the workshop will focus on decoration.  The Kana team will pre-make and bring Kana ceramic bowls in a bisque fired snow white stoneware clay, ready for you to decorate.  During the workshop you will decorate your bowl with your own bespoke design and cover with a coat of transparent clear glaze.  All pieces created in the workshop will be taken back to the Kana studio to be fired and glazed, to be returned to Pimlico farmshop for workshop guests to collect.

About Kana London

Kana London was born fortuitously as a result of Ana’s training in sculpture & background in fine art, eventually becoming a fully developed project in London in 2012.

Sculpting and an affinity for working with clay led Ana to want to apply the principles of her art work – the tactile, hand built aesthetics, the traces of fingerprints and hands on the surface – into functional ceramics.

“My approach to work is experimental and playful, as I never follow a procedure, and invent new recipes daily. I work with a unique mixture of clays and mix my own glazes, often turning my back on traditional ceramic practice. Hand building, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasizes the individuality of each piece.”

DATE: Friday 10th May 2019

EVENT: Daylesford Pimlico, 44B Pimlico Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 8LP

TIMINGS: 6.30-8.30pm

PRICE: £145 per person

BOOKING: Booking is online. Please note, online booking closes at midnight the night before each event. For more information or to enquire about last-minute booking, contact the Daylesford team on  01608 731 700 or email  MICHOLE.JEYNES@DAYLESFORD.COM


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