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Regenerate with foods rich in nutrients and protein, with a focus on good fats to support blood sugar levels and ensure your skin is in optimum condition.

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Start the day with a probiotic digestive tonic; apple cider vinegar and water, either warm or cool, but not ice cold. Wait 10 mins before your cold press shot and breakfast.

For breakfast, choose from:

Plus one FOCUS juice shot, an intense dose of daily goodness. Made with beetroot, ginger, pineapple, apple, lime, ginseng, cayenne pepper. Sweet and earthy with an energising kick.

If possible, eat before 7pm, especially in winter. Your body has a biological clock even if you try to ignore it. Your day to day meals should not be eaten after 8pm or 9pm as it affects your sleep, causes digestive stress and is hard on your system.

  • Mackerel with chickpeas squash and cavolo nero
  • Coconut and turmeric fish curry with cauliflower rice
  • Beef shin stew with marmite (from Nurture)
  • Venison, plum and port casserole
  • Sweet potato carrot and spinach tagine with cauliflower rice
  • Spiced lentils with beetroot and orange and pomegranate molasses dressing
  • Miso ramen with roast squash and chargrilled sprouting broccoli

Plus a spoonful of your preferred ferments to support your gut health.


If you are feeling lacklustre or recovering after a period of ill health, you may find these nutritionist-approved supplements beneficial.


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