We are thrilled to unveil our new range of 15 organic teas and herbal infusions. The ritual of drinking tea brings calm, comfort and revival. As our lives become ever busier, we urge you to take time out of your busy days to sit quietly and relish a moment of peace with a restorative cup of tea.

Each variety of tea requires a different approach and to honour the care and skill of our producers, we have shared some vital tips on achieving the perfect cup.


Choose soft, filtered water for the optimal cup. Your water is almost as important as the tea leaves themselves. Higher levels of calcium in hard water and chlorine and other chemicals will mask the true flavour of your tea. Choose pure, fresh, chemical-free water and your infusion will be transformed.


Infusing your tea at the right temperature is crucial. Boiling water should be used for black and oolong teas only. Never brew your green or white teas with boiling water as this will result in a bitter infusion. Brew instead at 70-80°C and the sweet, grassy flavours will shine through.


The nature of loose leaf teas means that the infusion time will differ greatly to the cut leaf teas (CTC or Cut, Tear, Curl) so often used in regular teabags. Be patient with your infusion allowing it time to gently develop – ideally in a pot with the lid on. Try not to encourage a faster brew by stirring and pressing the leaves. For most loose leaf teas, 3 minutes is the time needed.


Serving your tea correctly means that your leaves will survive for a second infusion. When pouring, pour out every last drop – this means that the leaves won’t continue to stew. Glass teaware or fine china will undoubtedly provide the most pleasant drinking experience so source your favourite vessel and take the time to enjoy your infusion with a present mind, relishing its flavours and restorative qualities.


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