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Revive your gut-brain connection with fibre-rich ancient grains, quality fats and no refined sugars to feed your microbiome, fortify your nervous system and care for mental health.

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Start the day with a probiotic digestive tonic; apple cider vinegar and water, either warm or cool, but not ice cold. Wait 10 mins before your cold press shot and breakfast.

For breakfast, choose from:

Plus one IMMUNITY juice shot, an intense dose of cold pressed juice goodness. Made with ginger, turmeric, lemon, honey with strong, spicy flavours from fresh ginger and turmeric roots.

If possible, eat before 7pm, especially in winter. Your body has a biological clock even if you try to ignore it. Your day to day meals should not be eaten after 8pm or 9pm as it affects your sleep, causes digestive stress and is hard on your system.

Plus a spoonful of your preferred ferments to support your gut health.

To help normal, healthy brain function and support you during times of stress and fatigue.


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