Having a larder stocked with flavourful ingredients is a great help both for everyday meals and when visitors descend over the festive period.

Here are some of our most useful items that we very much recommend adding to your shopping list to see you through a busy time in the kitchen in the most delicious way.


These small pods and their fragrant black seeds are not limited to spicy dishes; they give puddings and drinks a wonderful aroma that complements sweetness.

Cauliflower and romanesco

Packed with fibre, vitamins, bone- healthy calcium and other essential nutrients, the humble cauli is also a wonderfully versatile addition to your larder. It’s a great carrier of flavour so is perfect as a pairing for spice.


This bitter leaf adds vibrancy and crunch to winter plates; it also contains compounds that are good for the health of the liver and stimulate the production of digestive juices.


Antiviral and anti- inflammatory. Always add a little more than you think you need.


Our honeybees provide us with our own to enjoy. Use sparingly but relish every drizzle.


We love kale for all its nutritional benefits but also for its strong, iron-rich flavour that stands up well alongside the casseroles and vegetable stews we’re cooking this month.


Made by hand on our farm, the natural ferments in our organic kefir milk drink are believed to help restore the natural balance of healthy flora in our guts.


A stalwart of our Market Garden throughout the winter, leeks’ punchy oniony flavour makes it a wonderful base vegetable. Build other flavours around it.


We make our seed and nut butters by hand, roasting and grinding the highest quality nuts and seeds in small batches. Full of healthy fats, we’ll be spreading them on toast, adding them to smoothies and even stirring them into curries for an extra rich flavour.

Pearl barley

A versatile plump grain with a nutty flavour. Add it to soups and stews for sustenance and bite.

Red split lentils

Quick to cook, delicious with spice and a good source of vegetarian protein, these lentils are a regular feature on our plates.


Lately we have been pressing fresh rosemary through our juicers for a gentle hint of essential oils. Like garlic, be bold with your flavours and always use more than you think you need.


A hero of our Market Garden – we have grown over 20 varieties this year. Sweat or roast them slowly to release their naturally sweet and nutty flavours.


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