Our organic smoked salmon

Our organic smoked salmon

Our artisans prepare each piece organic smoked salmon by hand to achieve unparalleled quality and a distinct smoky flavour.

We source our salmon in the UK from suppliers that farm using sustainable methods and who take great pride in their ability to provide strong, healthy salmon that are small and lean, unlike the heavier and more fatty mass produced varieties. Reared in smaller groups and without the use of artificial chemicals, our salmon have less of an impact on the environment and enjoy a healthy life.

Delivered fresh to our Smokery – our on-site facility devoted entirely to the production of Organic Smoked Salmon – our salmon undergoes 55 hours of preparation before the finished product is ready. After being filleted and cured in sea salt for at least 12 hours, the salmon is washed off with fresh water and hung in our smoker.

A fire is then lit using juniper and beechwood chips and the salmon is smoked for up to 16 hours, after which it is cut into top and tail sections, sliced into deliciously thick cuts and placed in eco-wood packaging. Our passionate Smokery team carry out each step of the process by hand and great care is taken to ensure there is a real depth of flavour in every single piece.

As part of our Sustainability pledges of zero waste and packaging lightly, we are delighted that our Organic Smoked Salmon sleeve is fully compostable while the wooden tray is fully recyclable.

Our salmon is the perfect centrepiece to any brunch, lunch or dinner. Try it piled onto our organic pumpernickel with a squeeze of fresh lemon or tossed into spaghetti with chilli, lemon, ground pink peppercorns and double cream. Alternatively, pair it with our organic Cotswold Blue Legbar eggs and buttered sourdough toast for a delicious start to your day.