Jez Taylor | Daylesford

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Jez Taylor manages the Market Garden at Daylesford Farm, running the market garden, sowing, planting, harvesting and growing a wide range of herbs, salads, fruit and vegetables.

Jez trained in horticulture at Reading University, coming from a family plant nursery in the Vale of Evesham, where he grew up with a horticultural background all around him.

In 1998, he set up his own Market Gardening Business on the edge of Reading, in two walled gardens. He soon learned what he could grow to make a pound or two. Box scheme, Farmers Markets, catering supply, apple juice and cider business, even a bit of willow sculpture – the cider is still a favourite.

In 2007 he took a consultancy job for the Eden project, who wanted to set up a market garden, and developed a cider business. Since 2008 Jez has been at Daylesford as Head of the Market Garden.

Jez loves to grow squashes and pumpkins – because they are such large plants, they suppress the weeds well, and when it comes to harvest, it’s like a treasure hunt.


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